How To Deal With Groupies.

Groupies have been entertaining band members for years. Groupies are the fans that follow a ban place to place and try to find ways to gain a connection to a band member and yes most of the time it’s sexual. Most define groupies as women but there are male groupies that follow bands. Here is how to deal with groupies and not be an utter douche bag. Don’t be that band.

1. Groupies are human beings looking for a connection to heal their broken emotions. A band can inspire many. Followers will fight till their bloody over someone disrespecting their favorite band. I’ve seen it. Groupies are no different. They look to you as someone who has spoken to their heart and helped them deal with emotional pain. Not all groupies are after your fame or money but are looking to fulfill that whole in their heart that you music cannot. It may not be true love but it’s a kind of love when someone runs away from responsibility to follow you 6 months on tour. It can be problematic and it can be obsessive. Some of these people just want to derive a true friendship with you regardless of sexual connection. They want to be apart of your experience and want you to be apart of theirs. These are human beings with feelings and probably going through some kind of emotional hell to be able to debase themselves around you so treat them with respect and be mindful of their feelings. Don’t treat them like trash and use them and dispose of them. Be honest let them know how you are and what you expect from this. Don’t play with their hearts or make them feel less than you because no one is less than anybody. This brings me to my next point.

2. Not all groupies are there for you to fuck. Sometimes they want to learn from you and get to know who you are as an individual. They are so inspires and created an idea that you are this amazing being so they are interested in getting to know the real you. Yes there are the girls/guys who just wanna have you as a notch on their belt but relatively this would be discussed prior or at least it should be. They want to befriend and help you with your issues and relate to you in some way. They feel attached to you so it’s up to you to place your boundaries firmly and not let anything get muddled up where lines are crossed and people can get hurt. Sometimes people can get hurt because they think it’s possible to be something more than a tour plaything.

3. Groupies can SAY No. Coming backstage does not relinquish any personal right to their bodies and make them your hole to fuck. It doesn’t matter if she’s drunk and giving you screw me eyes all night. If it comes down to it, and even in the middle of it, if she says no fucking stop. I know it’s confusing but feelings can change at any point of a night. Intimidating or pressuring a girl to get you off makes you an asshole whether she’s a groupie or not. Bottom line of she looks like she doesn’t wanna do it and you have to push it on her you leave her the fuck alone. You are not her keeper and you must respect people. A fan loves you enough to want to get close and follow you I believe they deserve not to get hurt.

Nikki Knight is here to let you know the happenings in the hardcore metal and punk scene from Sac to RVA. I hope you enjoy this article there is so much more to come. Please support your local scene and touring bands. Keep watching videos and stay up to date on articles for all your music needs here at Capital Chaos TV.

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