CATHEDRAL To Release 2LP Reissue of 20th Anniversary Concert ‘Return to the Forest

UK Doom Metal band CATHEDRAL are releasing a 2-LP record celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary concert in London. The first half of the release, ‘Return to the Forest’ covers the band’s first ever live performance of their album ‘Forest of Equilibrium’ at the London show. The second half of the record, ‘Freak Winter’ features another full set of the band’s classics and fan favorites from the evening. The full record will see a May 8th, 2020 release in four different pressing types. See below for more details.

‘Return to the Forest’ Lineup: Lee Dorrian, Garry Jennings, Adam Lehan, Mark Griffiths, Mike Small
‘Freak Winter’ Lineup: Lee Dorrian, Garry Jennings & Leo Smee w/ keyboard wizard Dave Moore
‘Return to the Forest’ & ‘Freak Winter’ Vinyl Pressings:
  • Black Sparkle Vinyl (500 of each)
  • Black Vinyl (500 of each)
  • Purple Vinyl – US Edition (500 each)

Side One
1. A Picture of Beauty and Innocence
2. Commiserating the Celebration
3. Ebony Tears
Side Two
1. Serpent Eve
2. Soul Sacrifice
Side Three
1. A Funeral Request
2. Equilibrium
Side Four
1. Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
PRE-ORDER: ‘Freak Winter’
Side One
1. Funeral Of Dreams
2. Enter The Worms
3. Upon Azrael’s Wings
Side Two
1. Midnight Mountain
2. Cosmic Funeral
3. Carnival Bizarre
Side Three
1. Night Of The Seagulls
2. Corpsecycle
3. Ride
Side Four
1. The Last Spire Pt.1 (Entrance)
2. Vampire Sun
3. Hopkins (Witchfinder General)

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