Handsome Prick sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Indiana’s own Handsome Prick to the roster with the new album “Anonymityville”! Barbaric musicianship meets superior songwriting as Handsome Prick play destructive and disgusting diverse Deathgrind, conjured from the depths of despair. “Anonymityville” is Handsome Prick’s second album and wastes no time delivering raw, fast and brutal Death Metal infused with the furious energy of punk rock and garnished with some heavy classic rock riffage.
Handsome Prick features members of Decrypt, Moistened Disciples, Pink Machines, P.O.O.R. and Dirty Dead, and “Anonymityville” was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering. Ditch the sterility of click track metal and let your emotions unravel before your ears! For fans of Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus and Minor Threat. Pre-order the Digital Download for only $6.66 here.
1. Fearless Secretor
2. Return Of The Barfly
3. Alopecia Support Group
4. Hold On To The Nightstalker
5. Pro Shot Couple Pictures
6. Anonymityville
7. Halomasochism
8. Melons Rising (Meat Puppets cover)
9. Sex By Misadventure
10. He’s My Ex
11. I Don’t Like Anyone
12. Young And Dumb (Quincy Punx cover)
13. Seduce And Abandon
14. So Sorry
15. Edging With Disaster

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