Concert Review: Hallucination Realized, Bandit, Triac and Chepang at Lakeshore Tavern

Hey, Nikki Knight here to tell you about my last show to go see in 2017. This was a great night full of friends and great music. I was floored by the bands I saw. Unfortunately I missed the first death grind band Tomb Warden but I assure you if you check out their page you wouldn’t be disappointed. They are a DC/RVA band that will shred and grind you to your core!

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The next grindcore/ death horror band was Hallucination Realized from Rochester NY. They got the crowd moving, when their high energy and epic aggressive sound, penetrated the pit and gave us a huge rush. The lead vocalist pushed back at the mosh pit, making sure it kept going, as the rest of the band, provided the burst of sound that vibrated again, with the bodies in the pit pushing and stirring the delicious pot of an awesome time.

Now the next band, scared the shit out of me for a minute. Bandit, (grind core/gutter punk band ) from Philly tore it up literally! I loved every second of it (except for one karate kicking head punching audience member who didn’t know how to mosh ) I did not know what to expect. The violent sound, supported the crazy aggressive lead singer, who roughly shredded through the pit, till he caused him self physical injury to his arm and head. He kept on going for the full set, and I was floored by his passion for the music he and his band play. I would make sure you go to one of their shows, and please be prepared to stand your ground or to be listed past your limits. They are amazing.

Next was Baltimore grindcore band Triac came on stage as a fearsome force of mayhem. Blasting through their set with a great sound and stage presence brought a lot of joy to the crowd of people looking to bash away the new year. They had the audience in the palm in there hand. They are definitely an awesome band that you need go check them out.

Now this headlining grindcore/hardcore punk band Chepang from Nepal brought a fierce and hardcore sound bringing the crowd into a musical feeding frenzy. The lead singer stepped up on a chair like he was watching everyone as he brought killer vocals with the rest of the band playing perfectly. They really made me a big fan of the way they sound and shake people up creating a wild night and one of the best nights of the end of the year. They are a strong presence not to be underestimated.

This was a perfect way to end 2017 a show full to the brim of great bands, vigorous moshing and good times with friends. Thank you to all the bands for providing and awesome night. Check out Lakeshore Tavern here in RVA for good drinks, good food and most importantly killer bands. Please stay tuned for my next article on first show of 2018! Support your local scene and follow us as we review and give you the news on all things hardcore punk and metal music.

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