Concert Review: Facegrinder 4 – Richmond, Virginia

Hey everyone, I have been to many shows in the past but this one is the first of 2018. FaceGrinder 4, which has the tag line of all the heaviest bands in Virginia. And they are far from wrong and I’m here tell you about my experience.

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9:00pm and the crowd shuffles up the stairs of one of Richmond VA’s best bars in town, McCormacks Irish Pub, and the energy is set on high in anticipation for this show. Smoke was billowing from the stage with bananas everywhere. Monkey sounds that made you feel like you were at the Zoo. Suddenly excitement arose as a band of Apes took over the stage.

Bananaslama is not to be missed! This brutal monkey slam band. These 3 pissed off apes slam your face off ;Hairy Garcia (Gorilla guitars/growls/art/props), (Paul Gibbon: (Gibbon brown notes/screeches) and Orangubang (Orangutan, bangs and clanks), are very cool characters and work together very well. The ape sounds work perfectly with the music that they play. They are hilarious and I loved that they actually thrown bananas in the crowd. Check out Bananaslama’s music video Simientropy here.

The sound of darkness swept the crowd as a band of men cloaked in black and adorned with animal bones approach the stage. The lead singer kneels upfront of this alter made of bones and lit incense . The sound coming from their instruments felt as if the Yb were summoning the dark lord. Whenever song picks up the lead singer unleashes a deep screeching growl that seems inhuman. The guitarist is slaying the crowd with the rhythm and lead guitar and the bass was pounding us in or guts as the drummer beat the drums like a March out of hell. Needless to say they are one of my favorite death metal bands I have heard since coming to VA.

This is no joke, there is a brutal death metal band dedicated to Seinfeld. They are fucking sick. They open with the signature bass intro, and have intermittent sound clips of the show, to tie it all together. One of my favorites is SOUP NAZI, the killer sound of the band as a whole, plus the fact that they play in honor of their favorite show delighted me today the least. There is NO SOUP FOR YOU if you don’t check out this Band.

Rotting Obscene
This band is a great technical death metal band. I loved how the singer went into the crowd instead of being on stage. The crowd went crazy as the music amplified the energy in the room. Very powerful sound all in all and I would like to see them play again.

HateFuck is a grindcore band, that face ducks you, with the long dick of hate. They definitely deserve their name. They have a lot of aggression to unleash, judging from their shredding sound of the guitars, bass and the blast off of the drums, set a first background to the vocals, of the lead singers deep guttural growls. They moshed together onstage and riled everyone up.

All in all this was a great way to start off 2018. This show was amazing. if you are ever in RVA check out Between 2 Beers show line ups they always have the best shows just like this one. Go have a beer at McCormacks and definitely keep an eye out for these bands. Please keep following Capital Chaos TV and myself, Nikki Knight for your music news and reviews.

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