Xael – “Last Arbiter” (Test Your Metal Records)

The “Last Arbiter” by Xael is one of those albums you know you have heard before but not really sure where. Their influences are very prevalent, but that is not to be mistaken for a bad thing. They have mixture of deep vocal work, as well the imagery of their storytelling and skilled instrumental work, which lay out dark, brutal, and vivid imagery throughout the whole album. The concept of how the album was released is still fairly new to me, as the band chose to release 2 songs a month until the albums complete release, I think it is very important for bands to show the progress they are making to show supporting fans that they are a pivotal part in the music writing process. The opening track ” Apathy of the Immortal” is my favorite on the album. It truly has everything needed to make a great opener, as well as introduce new listeners to what the vision of what has happened to the sky ghost and his journey into the wastelands of Tymeer. It has great instrumental work, the drum work sets the pace for the timing of the melodic vocals, as well as the growls and epic solos.

Overall in this album, the melodic vocals and death growls compliment each other, which really emphasize the different parts of the story. The production on the album is something i did not expect. It really makes you feel as if you were listening to something that took place in space, in another galaxy, in another realm of death and brutality. The instrumental tracks are good mood setters during the album as they act as a display of great vocal work, and as part of the journey that you are taking through the vast wastelands of this land that is timer. The album has a lot of substance, as well as a desire to know what else is to come for the sky ghost. I am curious to see how the band Xael will follow this album as they set the bar pretty high with almost every aspect of the album. Would recommend if you ever want to take voyage to another reality beyond your mortal comprehension. 8.5/10


Author: Aldo Guzman

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