Defiatory – Hades Rising (Black Lion Records)

Aw Sweden. Not only do you give us beautiful women, but even better than that, you give us some of the finest metal that’s out there. Defiatory are one of those bands. With a vocal delivery that sounds like scraping your face on gravel, guitars that sounds like Judas Priest on meth, this album kills from start to finish. A sound reminiscent of The Haunted and In Flames, it’s one of those albums that will keep you headbanging from start to finish. “In Hell” begins everything off with blast beats and a thrashy guitar letting you that these Swedes are here to kick your ass.

The performance of the drummer on this album is extraordinary. Great fills, great double bass, just kickass. With speed metal song’s like “Death Takes Us All” to the thrash metal anthem of the album’s namesake “Hades Rising”, it covers all the basses of what good metal should be. A fantastic trip to the Emergency room, to have neck fusion surgery, to repair it from the continuous beating it just received from this album. Check it out!.

Black Lion Records Release date: 11/05/2018
Pre-Order: HERE

1. In Hell
2. Dance of the Dead
3. King in Yellow
4. Stronger Than God
5. Death Takes Us All
6. Morningstar
7. Down To His Kingdom Below
8. Metatron
9. Bane of Creation
10. All That Remains
11. Hades Rising


Author: John Adams

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