Voidthrone – Kur (Self Released)

If had to describe this album in three words; Fury, Hate, darkness. In this case these are all good things. Kur From Voidthrone is an amazing piece of blackened death. Voidthrone hail from Seattle, and this will be their first release since 2016. This type of blackened death is a little more unconventional, in that it has a very rich, black metal atmosphere thought the entire album. There is a strong presence of influence here, which is great because I feel like it helped Voidthrone find that unique sound that is not easy to encounter in blackened death. It is unlike anything I have heard this year so far. It is hard to describe exactly what the sound is. If you like and Anaal Nathrakh and Gorgoroth, this is something you must purchase.

This album is extremely full of despair. It is like falling into dark, cold abyss. It feels like you’re drowning in darkness. There are lots of raw emotions that you can feel throughout the album. The intensity and guitar work paints a vivid, yet horribly bleak picture. My favorite song is “Their Recursive Communion”. Lengthy song titles, but each one is a different feeling of isolation and blackness. The album gave me anxiety. I loved it though. It was as if i was stuck in the mind of a patient with schizophrenia in the early 50’s. Fast, desolate and soulless. Voidthrone went on a different route on this album and it worked. Kur, evokes a different area of the mind. Brutal and tasteful nonetheless. 8/10


Author: AJ Guzman

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