Aggressor of Aura Noir on Spelling and Gaffer Tape

A band geared towards thrash connoisseurs with active minds and mean spirits, Aura Noir stand at the fore of metal’s definitive genre in an age where the underground is utterly besodden with bands. These Norwegian thrash stalwarts don’t so much tread the line between savagery and sophistication as stomp upon it, showering dirt in the faces of lesser acts with each smoldering crater of an album.

What kind of music did you identify with first as a kid?

The first real metal I ever heard was Motörhead. I saw them on Swedish television when I was about ten, though it took me a couple of years to get hold of my first album by them, which was On Parole, I remember.

What got you started playing music and how old were you?

My mum had a guitar I used to play.. I started playing in my first band when I was about 14-15. It was a local heavy metal band called Wisdom. It didn’t exist for long.

What was the first heavy record you owned?

On Parole I guess..

Your new album, it’s such a ripper. What do you think stands out within the lyrics and artwork to give a greater overall message to the album?

The lyrics are kinda abstract, but there’s a strong apocalyptic nerve there. The «hidden meanings» within the album points towards apocalypse.

The new album title is a play on words? Have you recorded any bonus tracks for the Japanese?

The French have always been pointing out that we spelled our brandname «wrong», so we thought we’d straighten it out. No bonus-tracks I’m afraid.

What could fans expect from the Aura Noire live show in 2018?

Some new songs, some old songs and some semi-old songs.

How do you see the state of metal in 2018 and do you think it’s rising or falling in popularity?

It seems pretty strong, if you ask me.

How important is long hair in metal and have you ever thought about shaving your head?

I had a mohawk for a few years. Now it’s long again. It depends on the individual I guess.

Are you surprised to see bands like Taake & Marduk taken to task for their bad behavior?

I’d like to keep myself and my band far away from the whole discussion.

What advice would you give to a band just getting started? Or even to someone young that is thinking of becoming a musician one day?

I’d advise them against it if they want to live a normal life. Advice to young bands: buy your own gaffer-tape!
thanx for your support. Aggressor.

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