Gruesome – Twisted Prayers (Relapse Records)

“Twisted Prayers” is GRUESOME’s second full length release and wherever the hell Chuck Schuldiner is, he has this thing on full blast and is throwing up the horns. If you think this band is simply a Death tribute band, a Death cover band, or a gimmick band, you are really missing out on some really good death metal. Gruesome not only pays homage to Chuck Schuldiner and Death by keeping the attitude, the riffs, the overall old school death metal vibe, but they do it really really fucking good.

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Thirty seconds into the albums first song “Inhumane”, and you know exactly what you’re in for, and it just keeps getting better from there. “Waste of Life” has that combination of slow prodding palm mute riffs to thrashy chorus’s. This album has evolved both musically and lyrically from their first album. Gone for the most part are the gore for the sake of gore lyrics, and replaced with much more socially conscious songs like, “Fate”, “Fatal Illusions”, and “Lethal Legacy”.

With the addition of the two bonus tracks one being a cover of Possessed’s “The Exorcist” and the other being the classic of Mantas’ “Legion of Doom”, this album hits and checks every metal fans checklist. Even down to the artwork, done by legendary artist Ed Repka, who has done artwork from Megadeth to Death, this album is just as relentless and is the best a metal fan could hope for.

“Twisted Prayers” is like that french fry that we have all found that has been under your car seat for fucking who knows how long, but it still looks the fucking same, and we’ve all had that inclination to eat it. Well Gruesome have given us that 20 year old french fry with “Twisted Prayers” and it’s fucking delicious.

Matt Harvey ­- Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Gonzalez ­- Guitar
Robin Mazen ­- Bass
Gus Rios ­- Drums

GRUESOME​ “Twisted Prayers”
Side A
A Waste of Life
Lethal Legacy

Side B
Fatal Illusions
Crusade of Brutality
At Death’s Door
Twisted Prayers
(Bonus tracks)
Legion of Doom*
The Exorcist**

GRUESOME on tour

7/19/2018 Obscene Extreme 2018 – Trutnov, CZ
7/20/2018 Hydrozagadk – Warzawa, PL
7/21/2018 Red & Black – Chorzow, PL
7/22/2018 Modra Vopice – Prague, CZ
7/23/2018 Free & Easy Festival – Munich, DE
7/24/2018 Durer Kert – Budapest, HU
7/25/2018 Metaldays – Tolmin, SL
7/26/2018 Viper Room – Wien, AT
7/27/2018 Master Of The Unicorn – Ernsthausen, DE
7/28/2018 Stonehenge Festival – Steenwijk, NL
7/29/2018 Bastard Club – Osnabruck, DE
7/30/2018 Immerhin – Wurzburg, DE
7/31/2018 Nomansland – Volmerange-les-mines, FR
8/01/2018 7er Club – Mannheim, DE
8/02/2018 Wacken Open Air – Wacken, DE
8/03/2018 Klubb Dissonans – Jonkoping, SE
8/04/2018 The Crypt – Linkoping, SE
8/05/2018 Underwerket – Valby/Copenhagen, DK
8/07/2018 Chemiefabrik – Desden, DE
8/08/2018 Musik und Frieden – Berlin, DE
8/09/2018 Partysan Open Air – Schlotheim, DE
8/10/2018 Das Bett – Frankfurt, DE
8/11/2018 Helvete – Oberhausen, DE
8/12/2018 Alcatraz Open Air – Kortrijk, BE


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