D.O.A.’s Joe Keithley Elected To Burnaby City Council Final “Fight Back” US 2018 Tour Dates Announced

Joe Keithley of D.O.A. has made numerous attempts to break into politics over the years, and now it’s finally paid off. EXCLAIM! reports that the singer has officially been elected to Burnaby city council.
Burnaby – located just outside of Vancouver – has eight city council seats, and Keithley came in eighth place with 15,745 votes. That’s just 215 ahead of the first runner-up, Baljinder K. Narang.

Keithley represents the Green Party, which is especially significant because he has broken the Burnaby Citizens Association’s monopoly on the city council. The centerpiece of Joe’s campaign was standing up against people who are being thrown out of their homes (demovitions) and making housing a right, not a privilege.

Fight Back, released on Keithley’s own label Sudden Death Records, is a scathing and timely piece. Joe deals with all manner of unseemly low characters and issues. The album opens with acerbic “You Need an Ass Kickin’ Right Now,” next rips right into the startling “Killer Cops,” then smashes into the anthemic “Time To Fight Back,” which is street punk resistance at its fiercest. The album proceeds with the timely “Gonna Set You Straight” with violent and natural ease, and continues with the vitriolic “I Just Got Back From the USA.” Then, the album takes a funny twist with “We Won’t Drink This Piss” (down with bad corporate beer!) and “You Can’t Stop Me,” a song in which Joe delves into the character of Slapshot’s playing coach Reggie Dunlop (a natural alter ego perhaps).

Thursday, November 15th – Luckys, Eugene, OR w/ MDC
Friday, November 16th – Domino Room, Bend, OR w/ MDC
Saturday, November 17th – El Corazon, Seattle,WA w/MDC
Sunday, November 18th – Slim’s, San Francisco, CA
Friday, December 7th – Dante’s, Portland, OR w/ MDC
Saturday, December 8th – The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA – Adolescents, D.O.A, and CH3
Sunday, December 9th – CA – TBC

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