Vancouver Power Trio LA CHINGA “Keep On Rollin” Video Released

Vancouver power trio LA CHINGA are pleased to unveil “Keep On Rollin,'” their newest music video, which can be seen below. The track comes by way of the band’s Beyond The Sky full-length, released in September via Small Stone.

Issues the band of the live clip, “The video for ‘Keep On Rollin” is lysergic vision of LA CHINGA live at The Rickshaw Theatre. Filmed and directed by R. D. Cane, the track is ‘dirtbag pretty’ ode to their ethos and beliefs of livin’… “
LA CHINGA draws from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, MC5, and their own bad habits to conjure the forty-five minutes of sublimely confident freedom rock that comprises Beyond The Sky. Sometimes meaty and beaty (“Mama Boogie,” “Death Rider”), sometimes glam-handed (“Killer Wizard”), and occasionally even dirtbag pretty (“Keep On Rollin’), when it all melts into a puddle of phased goo in the final bars of “Warlords,” the listener has been rolled, boogied, and otherwise supernaturally conveyed well beyond the sky.

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