Capital Chaos TV Exclusive: Gürschach Premiere New Video for “Innocent Blood”

See below to watch the music video for Innocent Blood.
Produced by the legendary Mike Sloat. Filmed by Artak Ozan at 924 Gilman Street Berkeley, CA.

Last week, a guy from LA named Jered Threatin swept the media for pulling one of the biggest cons in Rock/Metal history by using fake followers, fake commenters, fake interviews, and even fake live footage to weasel his way into a headlining spot for a UK tour, only to play in front of a crowd of 0.

An unsigned metal band from San Francisco called Gürschach (pronounced: Ger-shock) decided to do the opposite. To help promote DevastatedFest III: Heart of the Underground, they filmed and released their first live music video for their song Innocent Blood, showcasing the massive size and spectacular energy the underground metal scene can still deliver.

However, this didn’t happen overnight. Gürschach has been around since 2012, spending years performing with cheap equipment, minimal stage presence, in rooms with an audience of virtually no one.

Many bands who started out this way called it quits after a year or two, but not Gürschach. They spent 5 years going through this depressing stage before gathering up enough funds and experience to release their debut album “Dark Matter” exactly one year ago today on December 1st, 2017.

Since the release of their debut album, things started going very differently. Bloggers were writing reviews, press outlets brought them on interviews, venues were booking them outside of their home state, and YouTubers were even reacting to their music videos.

But none of this was an accident. The day they released their debut, Gürschach decided it was about time the band really put the work in. Researching, contacting experts, shooting music videos, kicking up social media presence, meeting thousands of people every month, e-mail after e-mail after e-mail etc. Gürschach was done with waiting to be asked.

Now all of that work has culminated into hundreds of new social media followers every month, hundreds of Spotify streams every day, opening slots for big name bands, and commanding an audience of 500 raging metalheads with ease. And not one cent spent on inflating numbers.

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