Animated “Shred The Dead” Video From The Masked Mutants Of Creepsylvania GHOUL

The masked mutants of Creepsylvania, GHOUL, are pleased to undrape their hilarious, animated visual accompaniment to “Shred The Dead” via Revolver Magazine. The track comes by way of the band’s Dungeon Bastards full-length, released in 2016 via Tankcrimes.
Writes Revolver, “‘Shred The Dead,’ [is] an animated effort that follows the quartet as they skate through a series of obstacles, attacking gangs of ghouls (and people we despise). The fun clip comes to us via director Zak Kirwin, who uses the ripping thrash track as a catalyst for all the mischief the four get into, making for a highly fun and memorable clip.”

Adds director Zak Kirwin, “When I talked to whoever runs GHOUL‘s social media, I was itching to animate a GHOUL song. The music and aesthetic are right up my alley. When they came back with the idea of doing ‘Shred The Dead,’ things really kicked off. Skateboarding, zombies, riffs, and grievous injury… what more could you want? After that, I was chained to a desk in a Creepsylvanian ‘animation’ studio, drawing till my fingernails cracked and bled, subsisting on nothing but corpse juice and old hot fries. I lost two fingers and partial vision in my right eye. Do I regret it? Of course not! Do I wake up screaming every night? Yes, but I always did that; it’s just louder now.”

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