BILLY ROWE of JETBOY – “If it doesn’t affect my life its none of my business”.

In the video below JETBOY guitarist BILLY ROWE talks about the influence of KISS on him, putting together the new album, current U.S. political
climate and more with ZORAN THEODOROVIC. 

On whether the US political climate now is any different than its ever been….

It’s a whole other level now, because you don’t, just have your local news paper and four local news stations reporting news. Now it’s a little bit, of everything with the internet, pod shows and podcasts. Its almost like when, one story goes to another it changes, I don’t know what to believe anymore so I just kind of keep myself out of it. I do what I like to do, do my best not to pay attention to it because if it doesn’t affect my life its none of my business.

On bonus tracks for the Japanese market….

We did a “Born To Fly” acoustic version, which is basically, we did acoustic to it and thats the bonus track for the Japanese market.

JETBOY have finally unleashed their long awaited new album, “Born To Fly” via Frontiers Music Srl.

Founded in 1983 by guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod, JETBOY continues to crank out their brand of rock n’ roll in the 21st century with the same passion that has existed from the beginning. And rock ‘n roll is what you’ll get on their upcoming new album “Born To Fly”,
This new album – put together by the band’s core of guitarists Billy Rowe, Fernie Rod and vocalist Mickey Finn, alongside former faster Pussycat bassist Eric Stacy and drummer Al Serrato – is the first fully-fledged set of new material from JETBOY since 1990.
“Born To Fly” is a fine rock record by any measure, hinting back to the band’s ‘80s sound and 70’s influences, while adding 30 years more experience to the grooves. JETBOY is ready to fly again.
“Born To Fly” Tracklisting:
1. Beating The Odds
2. Born To Fly
3. Old Dog, New Tricks
4. The Way That You Move Me
5. Brokenhearted Daydream
6. Inspiration From Desperation
7. All Over Again
8. She
9. A Little Bit Easy
10. Every Time I Go
11. Smoky Ebony
12. Party Time!
JETBOY Lineup:
Mickey Finn – Lead Vocals + Harmonica
Fernie Rod – Rhythm + Lead Guitar + Vocals
Billy Rowe – Rhythm + Slide Guitar + Vocals
Scott Richards – Bass
Al Serrato – Drums

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