Nothing More, Of Mice and Men and Palisades Amaze Ace

Well, this show sold out ridiculously quickly.  Fortunately, people from Illinois, Ohio, Nigeria, and so many other not-so-close-to-Sacramento locations were selling tickets to Sacramento’s February 23 show. As soon I got approved to shoot and review the show, I quickly made a sacrifice to the gods with the hope of my love’s resale ticket being legit and granting him entry on show night; fortunately for us, it was a valid ticket, as I would not have wanted him, or anyone else, to miss experiencing this show with me.


Fans came out early to ensure good viewing and the crowd went down the block and around the corner at least three people deep.  I went in to set up and watched the venue begin to fill with fans eagerly anticipating their favorites…even favorites who were not performing, as a decent amount of people had not heard that Badflower was not able to perform on this date.  Regardless, the floor started to fill, and fans looked up toward the Palisades backdrop.  Despite having four albums to-date, this was my first time seeing Jersey native Palisades perform, so I was looking forward to it.  They started off strongly with their 2018 single, War, and entertained through all eight songs, closing their set with 2019’s Erase the Pain.  I would definitely go see them again.


Next up was Of Mice & Men, who I had never seen perform in a venue this size.  Their set was surprising in many ways, as I had never seen them up this close, and absolutely loved every second of their performance.  It didn’t hurt that they had the best light of the night out of the three bands (for the songs I photographed, at least), and vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley was very photogenic, which made my job a lot easier on an overall light-challenged Ace of Spades evening.  I photographed them during War Zone, Defy, and Would You Still Be There, and could not have been happier with the nine song, hard-hitting set that they ended with You Make Me Sick (off of 2014’s Restoring Force).  Despite the fact that they had less time to perform, I would say the vast majority of the crowd would have showed up if Of Mice & Men came through Sacramento alone; I know I would have.  They did an amazing job getting the crowd ready for the headliner, Nothing More.


You may wonder why most of my Nothing More photos from this set look like the band is burning in hell.  Fear not, though, as that is only because I shot the first two songs—Let ‘em Burn and Christ Copyright, which happened to be primarily, and fittingly, lit with red, bright pink, and orange lights.  Nothing More never fails to stun a crowd with their talent and charisma.  After I left the pit, the lights got brighter as they raged through the always energetic, quirky Don’t Stop.  I was happy when they performed my favorite of their songs – Do You Really Want It, as they opened with it last time I saw them, but this time, it was sixth, but so worth waiting for.  All seventeen songs flowed well together, and thrilled the capacity audience.  Jonny thrust himself up high above the stage in one of Daniel’s onstage contraptions that never fail to delight.  Since I finished shooting early, cooled off, and recovered, I did not even cry during Fadein/Fadeout (a minor miracle).  They finished strongly, especially if you like covers, as they honored Skrillex and Queen before ending the show with Salem (Burn the Witch).While it may be a cautionary tale, I’m definitely not 100% saying “Burn the Witch” is what I personally want to hear one thousand people chanting as I exit a venue in the dark late at night, but it was undeniably powerful, and luckily, no witches were harmed this night.


I had another amazing Nothing More evening!  They truly go above and beyond every night to make it worth every dollar for their fans.  I think the only ones with regrets after that show were those who could not make it out.  If you have not seen them perform live, go see them, and if you have seen them, go see them again, as you do not want to miss them on this tour!


Nothing More set list Feb, 23rd 2019
at Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA, USA

Let ’em Burn
Christ Copyright
Don’t Stop
Funny Little Creatures
Go to War
Do You Really Want It?
React / Respond
The Great Divorce
Still in Love
Tunnels (with ‘Here’s to the Heartache’ outro)
Ocean Floor
This Is the Time (Ballast)
First of the Year (Equinox) (Skrillex cover)
We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
Salem (Burn the Witch)


Pictures and words courtesy of Jennifer Black @ Black J Photo

Nothing More is:

Jonny Hawkins (Vocals)                    Mark Vollelunga (Guitar)

Daniel Oliver (Bass)                           Ben Anderson (Drums)

Of Mice & Men Set list

Would You Still Be There
How to Survive
O.G. Loko
You Make Me Sick

Of Mice & Men is

Aaron Pauley – Bass/Vocals
Valentino Arteaga – Drums
Philip Manansala – Guitar
Alan Ashby – Guitar

Palisades set list

Shed My Skin
Better Chemicals
Ways to Disappear
Let Down
Erase the Pain

Palisades is
Vocals: Louis Miceli
Guitar: Matt Marshall
Guitar: Xavier Adames
Bass/Vocals: Brandon Elgar
Drums: Aaron Rosa



Pictures and words courtesy of Jennifer Black @ Black J Photo

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