Black Passage (featuring members of Fallujah,Wolf King, Behold the Desecration and Anisoptera) Release New Video

California metal band BLACK PASSAGE (Featuring members of Fallujah, Wolf King, Behold the Desecration and Anisoptera) have just released a video for their song Left to Waste. The song is taken from their upcoming album The Veil which will be released in July.

The band commented:

“For the “Left to Waste” video, we decided on a straight forward approach, going with a performance video. Our aim was to create a simple vessel to showcase the song, and the band as a whole. The main points of the video we sought to achieve was a dark and solemn theme brought on by the use of low lighting and tricky camera work, as well as the aforementioned presentation of the new project to the online and metal world.

The song itself is about the feeling of being left behind by the world, friends, family etc. A goal addressed when we began putting the songs together was that they should be about real life shit. So many metal bands have songs about fantastical stories and we wanted to steer away from that. Much of what led myself and many others I know to heavy music was the way that the music faced and was relatable within the realm of negative feeling. The darkest parts of life deserve to be represented, and while not all may relate, I think we look to connect with people through genuine feeling and a portrayal of all the ugliness that life brings.”

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