Full-Length From Stockholm Hardcore Crust Punk Veterans VICTIMS Streaming Online

The Horse And Sparrow Theory, the impending full-length from Stockholm hardcore crust punk veterans VICTIMS, in its battering entirety is streaming below. The stream comes in advance of the record’s worldwide release this Friday, June 28th via Relapse Records.

Issues Decibel of the release, “The Horse And Sparrow Theory is a ripping journey into the bowels of crust punk, d-beat and hardcore, recalling their contemporaries like His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy. With a clear-but-dirty production job from Karl Daniel Lidén, The Horse And Sparrow Theory takes aim at the fucked state of the world with vitriol. A dreary tone surrounds The Horse And Sparrow Theory, reflecting its subject matter. Even though the melodies are dark and the layers of feedback and distortion are suffocating, songs like ‘Fires Below’ and ‘The Birth Of Tragedy’ are also anthemic and catchy like the best punk tunes are.”

Recorded by producer Karl Daniel Lidén (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Craft), The Horse And Sparrow Theory clocks in with twenty-eight minutes of relentless insurrection. VICTIMS‘ uncompromising take on d-beat and hardcore is a definitive statement of intent, as the band is set to deconstruct the current socio-political climate, mass class division, industrialization, and the self-absorbed pursuit of greed and corruption.
The Horse And Sparrow Theory will see release on CD, LP, and digital formats. Physical packages are available for preorder via Relapse.com HERE. For digital downloads/streaming services go HERE.

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