DEFYING DECAY Lead Vocalist Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati Interviewed


DEFYING DECAY is a band made up of musical misfits, an eclectic mix of cultures and classical training, a hybrid born of many influences crafted by a shared passion for music. This enigmatic act is emerging onto the international scene with their new album “Metamorphosis”, which will be released in June 2019.

DEFYING DECAY have released a brand new video and single for ‘Let It Rain’, leading up to the release of their debut album “Metamorphosis”. You can watch the video below. Defying Decay lead vocalist Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati took the time to answer some of our silly questions.

How did you first get into music, who or what turned you on to rock and heavy metal?

I was always into music ever since I can remember. I got into the genre of metal listening to Linkin Park one day and I thought it sounded really cool. Ever since, I explored more rock and metal bands and here I am.

Who was your first rock concert, do you have vivid recollection of it and have your parents always approved?

My first rock concert was Exodus’s concert in 2009, Bangkok. That was my first time seeing people mosh and also the first time feeling the energy of the crowd and the band in real life. It was incredibly powerful experience for me. My parents always approved whatever music I listened to and they are really cool about everything.

What was the first music bought with your own money?

Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory was the first album I ever bought with my own money.

How did you become a singer and who are your influences?

I always wanted to be a singer but my mother would say I sing out of tune. When I was in school, I wanted to play a guitar because most people in my school could sing if they wanted to, I felt like it was not as challenging compared to playing an actual instrument like a guitar which required years of practice to play some songs. Later on, I was a guitar player in a metal band in which I played guitar and sang clean vocals but our singer left which made me step up to become a full-time singer in the band. My influences mainly are: Chester Bennington, Chino Moreno and Adam Levine.

How much has the local scene changed since you started playing in bands?

As the time gone by, it has gotten a lot smaller since metal as a genre has started to die down in Thailand and people are more into rap or k-pop nowadays. This urges us to really reach out to the Western Hemisphere, hence our efforts in making tours happen.

What, can we expect, from Defying Decay on your upcoming tour with Betraying The Martyrs and how familiar are you with them and the other bands on this tour?

We don’t really know much about the bands on the tour with us but we definitely have heard of BTM when we were growing up, so we are very excited to share a stage with them. You can expect good music, and energetic performance from us on this tour.

What is the plan for recording new music, where, when and with who will be recording you?

We don’t know yet but we are looking into a lot of producers at the moment. We are constantly working on new music, but as for the specifics of time and place, it’s still too early to tell.

What kind of gear is bringing us the Defying Decay sound?

Modular synth, guitars, bass, drums, strings and so on is mainly the sound of Defying Decay and we are bringing modular synth rack, drums, theremin, guitar, bass, kemper, two distressors, pre-amp and so on.

Who living or dead is in your dream 5 piece super group with you?

If I was the frontman (singer), I’d like to have Abe Cunningham as drummer, Alessandro Cortini on Synth, Chris Wolstenholme on bass and Jonny Greenwood on Guitar

What is your favorite album cover art?

Radiohead – Kings of Limbs

What have you been listening to and reading?

I mainly listen to music, and recently it’s been: Royal Blood, Black Pink, Imagine Dragon, Foster The People and Billie Eilish.

What album epitomizes your style of music over all others?

Deftones – Koi No Yokan

Top 5 albums or songs released in the last 12 months and all time?

Last 12 months (not in any particular order)

Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go
Black Pink – Kill this love
Nothing But Thieves – What Did You Think When You Made Me?
Imagine Dragons – Origins
Rammstein – RAMMSTEIN

All time (not in any particular order)

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory
Funeral for a Friend – Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation
Deftones – White pony
Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane
Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth

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