New Full Set Of CARTILAGE Live At Obscene Extreme 2019

In the video below CARTILAGE perform @ Obscene Extreme 2019

For the past few years, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Cartilage has carried the torch for the endlessly entertaining sound known as gore metal. Borne from the ashes of the brutal death metal act Feast, siblings Teresa and Mark Wallace reigned in their adolescent influences and formed a new band: one that delighted in the kind of flesh-ripping death metal that Exhumed, Impaled and General Surgery once claimed as their own.

With the EP ‘It’s Necrotic’ and the debut LP ‘Dialect of the Dead’ under their belts, Cartilage are prepping for their second full-length due in 2019. With a newly stable lineup featuring members of Terrorizer LA, Mortuous and Logistic Slaughter, you know it’s guaranteed to be a bloody good time.

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