INFECTED RAIN Premieres Blistering New Track!

This Fall will see Moldova-based, rising extreme metal outfit Infected Rain, return with a brand new album to be released with Napalm Records. If you haven’t been infected by them yet, better get ready, as this band is far from the overly manufactured metal many of us have grown accustomed to!

Their style is an energetic blend of some of the best modern metal styles: Female screams and fierce growls, heavy as hell riffs, pounding beats combined with ingenious samples await you, while Infected Rain never fear any genre boundaries and create their very own individual style.
Today the five-piece fronted by extraordinary vocalist Lena, is sharing with us another glimpse and infectious track taken from their upcoming, hotly anticipated album “Endorphin.” Dive into the band’s massive soundwalls, get your heavy dose of someInfected Rain, and listen to their brand new track, “Lure,” below.
Says the band: “Tired of being surrounded by gimmicks and lies? Lure is arrogant and brave which is a completely new feeling for us. We felt the need to scream about the powerful urge to change the world and we felt like going heavier with this message through consistent riffs garnished by pure rage.”

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