CREPUSCLE To Release Heavenly Skies LP In October

Creator-Destructor Records announces the details for Heavenly Skies, the second album from Redwood City, California symphonic/melodic death metal quintet CREPUSCLE. Alongside the LP’s street date and full details, preorders and the lead single and title track to the album have also been issued.

CREPUSCLE – a reference to the time of day immediately following sunset – released their initial demo in 2013, followed by their independently-released debut full-length, Draconian Winter, the following year to critical acclaim, including a sponsorship from ESP Guitars. The band’s epic and intense songs blend elements of melodic death metal and symphonic, orchestral finesse, delivering excellent songwriting and instantly infectious movements in the vein of Wintersun, Hypocrisy, Kalmah, and Insomnium. After a five-year wait, the band is now ready to unveil their long-awaited second album, Heavenly Skies.
The eleven dynamic songs which create Heavenly Skies were heavily captured by the members of CREPUSCLE, with all guitars, bass, and vocals recorded at founding member Eligio Tapia’s home studio during sessions over an entire year. The tracks were reamped by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios in San Mateo, who also recorded the drums and acoustic guitars, and handled mixing and mastering. Fitted with vibrant cover art by German artist Aerroscape, the Heavenly Skies LP is now completed for its release.
Heavenly Skies Track Listing:
1. Aurora
2. Heavenly Skies
3. Fault Line
4. Severed
5. Ethereal Waters
6. In The Winds Of Glory
7. Lunar Lullaby
8. Elapsing Eternity
9. Resignation
10. Road To Peril
11. Limitless
Creator-Destructor will release Heavenly Skies on CD, LP, and all digital platforms on October 11th, the first pressing of the vinyl in a run of 250 copies on two different color schemes. Find preorders, including merch bundles, at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Watch for additional audio premieres and more on the album to be issued over the coming weeks.
Offers CREPUSCLE singer/guitarist Eligio Tapia, “We are thrilled to unleash this epic journey of an album upon the world. Featuring new influences and more ambitious compositions, we are ready to show the world how we have evolved as songwriters and musicians. Between the melodic death metal elements, we are known for grandiose, symphonic backings, folk infused melodies, hints of black metal, and melancholic doom instances, this album has something for everyone.”
Tapia states with the release of the album’s first single, “The title track ‘Heavenly Skies’ is the perfect bridge between what we did on our previous effort, Draconian Winter, and the more refined approach of everything on this upcoming album. The orchestral elements are dense with a massive atmosphere and the song feels like an unrelenting journey, providing a perfect snapshot of what lies ahead.”
Following a run of tour dates through the Southwestern states with labelmates Light This City in recent weeks, more widespread CREPUSCLE tour dates are to be expected throughout the rest of the year.

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