Athenar of MIDNIGHT – “Putting out a record on the same label as Slayer and Nasty Savage it’s pretty surreal”

In the video below.The Mighty Zee aka. Zoran Theodorovic of Capital Chaos TV chats with Athenar of MIDNIGHT @ The UC Theater in Berkeley, California October 5th, 2019

On releasing product every year since 2003.

“Pretty much. pretty much. at you know there’s a lot of you know whether it be just some song here or an album there single there or whatever the hell. Well for me first of course cuz I’m a greedy bastard but then if the fans like it then they like it but yeah yeah that’s
consumerism that’s another good American trait.

On being part of the Metal Blade Family.

It’s, it’s cool man. I mean you know if I break out a character here and you know I could just be the typical asshole and say you know whatever but in all honesty uh you know growing up with that label and seeing you know bands like Slayer and Bitch and you know bands that I really like Nasty Savage and then here I’m putting out a record on the same label it’s it’s excuse me pretty uh, surreal pretty please.

On doing a cover of Quiet Riot’s “Slick Black Cadillac”.

It was originally a split with a Japanese band called Abigail, and it was to somewhat finance the tour that we were doing there. So it was a it was what they call a cash-in record and so I, the idea was just to do kind of like a Japanese type song but instead of doing a Japanese band my stupid thinking thought it’d be funny to do an American band that just released it on a Japanese label. You know the first two Quiet Riot’s were Japanese only, so I just thought it was okay, you know “Slick Black Cadillac” yeah yeah, what the hell. So yeah I think the people who knew knew, the people who didn’t know thought it was fucking stupid.

Ohio blackened thrash punks MIDNIGHT — who recently joined the Metal Blade Records roster for the release of their next full-length — are in the midst of a North American tour supporting Obituary and Abbath. The trek commenced on Friday, September 27th and winds its way through two-dozen cities upon its conclusion October 25th. Additional support comes from Devil Master. In November, the band will join Electric Wizard for a brief run of US shows with more dates to be announced in the weeks to come.

MIDNIGHT live @ The UC Theater in Berkeley, California

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