Grzesiek Czapla of Timelost – “No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” was my supreme gateway to rock music”.

Born out of frustration and friendship, Timelost is a euphoric and heavy genre-bending project that was started in the summer of 2017 by Shane Handal (Set and Setting) and Grzesiek Czapla (Woe). Although initially a file-sharing effort from a thousand miles apart, Timelost has evolved into a dedicated project rich with resonant vocal melodies, devastating guitar riffs, and a driving rhythm section. Two new members have been added, and the band is now based out of Philadelphia, PA. 2019 will welcome the release of their debut album as well as an increasing number of live performances.


How did you first get in to music? Who or what turned you onto heavy metal and did you ever enjoy hip hop, R&B and country?

(Grzesiek) – No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” was my supreme gateway to rock music. I even have memories of running home while in 3rd grade to get to my discman and bang that album into my headphones. That developed into becoming obsessed with KoRn and Marilyn Manson, eventually graduating to Heavy Metal when my cousin moved to America and showed me really heavy shit. Juicy J is my Buddha so what’s that tell you about Hip Hop?

(Shane) – My Dad was always blasting Cream or The Beatles since I can remember. He always talked about the importance of music, or tried to get me to listen to a certain part of a song, and a guitar was always around. I started listening to Nü Metal when I was in middle school and my uncle stopped that quickly by giving me a Metallica, Obituary, and Napalm Death cd. That changed my trajectory pretty quick ha. I’ve always been a fan of music in general, so of course all genres have been in my rotation at one point or another.

Who was your first rock concert, do you have vivid recollection of it and have your parents always approved?

(Grzesiek) – My first rock gig was sick! KoRn’s “Sick and Twisted” tour for their Issues album in April 2000. 6th grade I think? I painted my hair green with some shitüty halloween spraypaint. My parents totally disapproved; they were huge cunts about it, actually.

(Shane) – I honestly don’t remember if this was my first but I remember seeing Metallica’s Summer Sanitarium tour pretty early on, 7th grade I think. I think it was my first one without my parents too, my uncle took me. Definitely an unforgettable show on so many levels. My parents always suspectedly approved.

What got you started playing music and how old were you?

(Grzesiek) – Getting into music made me want to
be in a band. It just looked so cool. Band’s were always seen together, they were being cool making noise with their best friends, taking photos together, being loud and being extreme….I wanted to do the same!! So, I started taking acoustic guitar lessons in 4th grade, and that ended as soon as I got an electric guitar and a distortion pedal. Still playing, still can’t tune a guitar.

(Shane) – I first picked up a guitar when I was like 7 years old. It was too hard for me so I gave up. I started playing Trumpet and Euphonium in the 6th grade band and then picked up the guitar again in the 7th grade.

What was the first music you bought with your own money, and what have you bought more than once in a different format? What is your most prized music collectible?

(Grzesiek) – I’m digging these music history questions, man. This kind of stuff is exciting and as uninteresting as this sounds, I’ve been wanting to do a podcast interviewing cool old rockers from days of rock past, just normal dudes not even famous dudes, and asking them about shows they went to, what it was like, ya know…typical shit or the stuff you’re asking here.
Anyways…..I really can’t keep answering your questions honestly cuz every single fukkin answer is gonna be either KoRn or Manson related. Not that that’s not cool, but it’s prolly getting old right? Ha. Yikes. Yea, it was KoRn’s “Follow The Leader”, definitely went to the mall with my neighbor the same day I first saw one of the videos.

There’s always a story behind having a piece of music…in several copies…of multiple formats, but mine is not that interesting! Moonspell’s first record has been dear to me for over a decade, and I have 2 copies on cd and vinyl to prove it. Killer vocals and moods!! Also Vader’s “Litany.” Those songs are played at double the speed of necessity, maybe even 20bpm too fast, thus 20x’s better, so 2 copies on cd is a minimum!

(Shane) – This is one of my favorite personal stories to tell people. The first thing I bought was the “If You Wanna Be My Lover” by Spice Girls cassette single. Just that song, and a remix of that song on cassette. Glad anyone can find this info now on Google.

How did you become singers, guitarist’s and drummers and who are your main influences?

(Grzesiek) – Unfortunately, I am still a failed guitarist. But that instrument has felt like a chore since the beginning, and ending up on drums in high school was natural. I learned to play by air drumming in school and at home, somehow it seamlessly translated to actually knowing how to play when sitting on a kit for the first time. My biggest influences are Abe Cunningham, TJ Childers, Doc (RIP).

(Shane) – I just started singing when we started this band out of necessity. It’s hard to say who my main influence is vocally, so I’d just say shoegaze as a genre is my influence. I knew that I didn’t have to be that good to be able to sing drenched in reverb ha. Deerhunter is a pretty big influence on me vocally and musically.

How much has the local scene changed since you started playing in bands?

(Grzesiek) – We are pretty true to ourselves, and never bargain with our stuff. We just release it, people don’t like it then fuck them. That’s why we are here, Philly sucks for us! We are here to make a statement…saying: “TIMELOST…we rule! We are the fucking best band out there. If people don’t recognize it…fuck them.”

(Shane) – I can’t remember that far back.

What kind of gear is bringing us the Timelost sound?

(Grzesiek) – A rotten, out of tune drumset played with 2b sticks and two china cymbals.

(Shane) – Fender guitars and Orange amps on my end.

How do you like recording, how much time was spent on dialing in the tones in the studio, how hard is to settle/determine what is the perfect sound?

(Grzesiek) – Recording rules, Shane and I recorded everything on the record, even the gong hits are live. Jeff Zeigler was instrumental for the killer tones on the record, we used all of his gear to record and he really led that aspect of the record.

(Shane) – I love recording even though it’s one of the most grueling experiences ever. An incredible amount of time was spent on dialing in tones in the studio. Luckily we had a tone wizard Jeff Zeigler with us to lead the way to a sound we all determined was perfect.

Is there a theme that runs throughout the new record or is it more of a collection of songs?

(Grzesiek) – There’s absolutely a theme in the record and it was mostly accidental. There wasn’t much brainstorming or discussion that went down about the lyrics or topics of the songs, we each just wrote lyrics and kept the first thing that was written. Ended up being depressing and full of Mt St. Helen’s levels of meltdowns.

As a fan of Marilyn Manson, which of his records do you like least/most and why? Have you recorded any other covers for special releases?

(Grzesiek) – Manson’s “Mechanical Animals” is one of the greatest Rock albums of all time. For just some of the obvious reasons why, check out Youth Code’s Sarah Taylor’s piece about it from 2018. It’ been difficult to relate to anything he’s done since that record, but he really brought it back with the Pale Emperor record. Excellent mood and dark charisma on there. We’re working on a few more covers now but gonna keep this under wraps before some other better band jocks our ideas.

Top 5 albums or songs released in the last 12 months and all time?

(Grzesiek) – My 5 albums of all time:
Mechanical Animals, Manson
Deguello, ZZ Top
Shock Troops, Cock Sparrer
The first A Flock of Seagulls record
The first Lurker of Chalice record

(Shane) – Lists are for nerds. It’s hard for me to remember what came out this year but off the top of my head I’ve definitely enjoyed the new records by Drab Majesty, Ceremony, Inter Arma, TR/ST, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Torche. Coming up with an all time list sounds like a beating so I’ll just say Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time and all of their albums pre- The Final Cut.

TIMELOST, will deliver their powerful debut full-length, Don’t Remember Me For This on October 25th via Golden Antenna Records.

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