DRESS THE DEAD Reveals New Video for Emotionally-Charged Single

Bay Area-based metal band DRESS THE DEAD has revealed a new video for the song, “You Only Get Off When I Cry,” an emotionally cathartic track that is sure to propel the band to the heights of some of the region’s most prestigious acts.

Watch the video below. “This song hits home particularly hard for me,” says vocalist Kayla Dixon. “When writing the lyrics for ‘You Only Get Off When I Cry,’ it seemed more as if another part of me had completely taken over the process. That part of me said, ‘I’m in control now,’ and I had no other choice but to flow with what it was trying to tell me.”

The 23-year-old vocalist is the newest addition to DRESS THE DEAD, which was originally formed by former Forbidden and Spiral Arms guitarist Craig Locicero in 2017 along with The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving. After Dolving’s departure and the ensuing struggle to find a suitable replacement, the young vocalist, who also fronts the band Witch Mountain, reached out to Locicero and recorded sample vocals for the song “1969.” From that point forward, DRESS THE DEAD‘s lineup was complete.
Also featuring guitarist Mikey Rowan (Insolence), bassist James Walker (Manmade God) and drummer Mark Hernandez (Forbidden), the collective pedigree of DRESS THE DEAD lends itself to a sound that is anthemic and soulful, as well as accessible.
DRESS THE DEAD will perform at The Ivy Room in Albany, CA, on Saturday, October 26. A Europe summer 2020 tour is currently in the works.
“You Only Get Off When I Cry” is available through Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon MusicYouTube Music and Google Play.
Kayla Dixon – Voice
Craig Locicero – Guitar
Mikey Rowan – Guitar
James Walker – Bass
Mark Hernandez – Drums

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