Video From Dethklok’s First Show In Five Years Available

Dethklok hit the stage for the first time in 5 years this past Friday, November 15th. The group performed at the ‘Adult Swim Festival‘ at the Banc Of California Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. Joining Brendon Small onstage this time around was Gene Hoglan (Testament, etc.), Pete Griffin and Nils Brosh. The following setlist was performed:

01 – “Deththeme
02 – “Briefcase Full Of Guts
03 – “Birthday Dethday
04 – “Awaken
05 – “Bloodlines
06 – “The Gears
07 – “Black Fire Upon Us
08 – “Dethsupport
09 – “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
10 – “Impeach God” (live debut)
11 – “Comet Song” (live debut)
12 – “Andromeda
13 – “I Ejaculate Fire
14 – “The Duel
15 – “Murmaider
16 – “Thunderhorse


17 – “Castratikron
18 – “Go Into The Water
19 – “Fansong

Via The PRP

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