War Curse release video for “Serpent” (Featuring solo from Exodus guitarist Kragen Lum)

Ohio’s WAR CURSE have released a video for their track Serpent which features a guest solo from Kragen Lum of EXODUS. The song is taken from their album Eradication which will be released in May via Svart Records.

Guitarist Justin Roth commented:

Agreeing on the first single was tough. There were 5 or 6 songs on the album that the band and our management felt really passionate about. When everyone was asked to pick two songs ‘Serpent’ was the one that made everyone’s list, and we feel that it’s a great song to introduce fans new and old to War Curse 2.0.

Aside from introducing the new line up, there are some awesome guests on Eradication. One of them is Kragen Lum. Sometime between touring with Exodus and working on the new Heathen album Kragen was cool enough to lay down a beautiful guitar solo to close out Serpent. Being a huge Heathen fan it was pretty awesome to have Kragen and Jason on a track together.

Although it’s new to most, Serpent has been a staple in our live set for a while. It’s a perfect representation of our no frills, no bullshit brand of metal, and it’s one of those songs that’s damn fun to play live. Making the video on the other hand, not so fun. We ransacked our rehearsal space and ripped boards off of windows during the polar vortex and froze our asses off for 6 hours. Props to Immortal. You fools are crazy. We’re filming the next one in Florida or something.

Watch the video here below.

War Curse are:
Blaine Gordon- vocals
Justin Roth- guitar
Joshua Murphy- guitar
James Goetz- drums
Jason Vie Brooks- bass
(Johnnie Wallace- touring bass)


  1. Asylum (feat. Glen Alvelais)
  2. Sands of Fate
  3. Possession
  4. Serpent (feat. Kragen Lum)
  5. Iron Veil
  6. Eradication
  7. Deadly Silence (feat. Kyle Thomas)
  8. Polluted Minds

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