Watch A Full Set Of MR BUNGLE Live In Sacramento, California

In the video below, legendary Northern California experimental rockers MR BUNGLE, perform a full set of material at now defunct Cattle Club in Sacramento, California. January 5th, 1991

Mr. Bungle is an American experimental rock band from Northern California. Known for a highly eclectic style, the band often cycled through several musical genres within the course of a single song, including heavy metal, avant-garde jazz, ska, disco, and funk. Many MR. BUNGLE songs had an unconventional structure and utilized a wide array of instruments and samples. Live shows often featured members dressing up (even hiding their identities with masks and often jumpsuits earlier in the band’s career) and an array of cover songs.

Set List
Welcome Back (John Sebastian cover)
Bienvenidos (John Sebastian cover)
Slowly Growing Deaf
Squeeze Me Macaroni
Stubb (A Dub)
Mr. Nice Guy
My Ass Is on Fire
The Girls of Porn
Thunderball (Tom Jones cover)
Love Is a Fist

Video by Shayne Stacy

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