THE 01EXPERIENCE Releases New Single and Music Video for “Let it Go”

San Francisco-based “Alchemical” progressive metal act THE 01EXPERIENCE has revealed their first music video for the single “Let it Go.”

“Recording this song and making the video was a deep alchemical process in itself,” says Melissa Mari (vocals, electric wind instrument [EWI]). “We noticed how everything in our outer culture that had been happening was reflecting this process of letting go. ‘As above, so below.’” Watch the video for the epic metal ballad below.
THE 01EXPERIENCE was founded in 2016 by singer Melissa Mari (Death Under Fire) and guitarist Colin E. Davis (Vile). Together the duo began blending modern progressive rock and metal music, influenced by the spiritually-infused music and art of the 1960s, which aimed at raising the consciousness of their audiences, while also drawing from spiritual/shamanic influences. This Alchemical metal tag came as a result of this amalgamation of styles and influences.
Prior to the “Let it Go” single, THE 01EXPERIENCE released the 2017 EP The Code, which was hailed for its deep artistic sound. In 2018, drummer Mike Heller (Fear Factory) and Stephen Paul Goodwin (Vicious Rumors) joined the project.
Melissa Mari – Vocals, EWI
Colin E. Davis – Guitars, Bass
Mike Heller – Drums
Stephen Paul Goodwin – Bass

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