TAUNTED Video Premiere, New Digital Release and Reissues

TAUNTED has released the official music video for “Taunted 2” a 10 minute epic journey showcasing the talents of this exceptional line-up as well as a glimpse into the modern age of TAUNTED!

TAUNTED will release “SONGS FROM THE WASTELAND” (containing previously released tracks) for download and streaming on July 31, 2020. Below is the artwork by Kiren In Digital https://kirenindigital.com

TAUNTED will reissue the albums “ZERO” and “BLEEDING BLACK” on digital and physical CD formats featuring a classic line-up of TAUNTED on July 31, 2020.

This celebration of all music TAUNTED opens the door to new music to be released! Prepare for the future now with the digital offering “SONGS FROM THE WASTELAND”, “ZERO” and “BLEEDING BLACK” reissues and the official video for “Taunted 2”. Keep an eye and ear for the METAL WORKS of TAUNTED in 2021!

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