THANATOPSIS Announce New Album “Initiation”; Streaming Single “Embodiment”

Extreme Metal Music has announced their latest signing of California’s Thanatopsis for the release of their debut album Initiation due out October 23 to follow their four independently released demos through 1993-1997.

After a hiatus, 3/4 of the band has reunited along with the new addition of drummer Jason Borton (Jungle Rot, Arkaik) to offer their debut full-length, which features past recordings that are given a second life and a chance to be heard by a broader audience along with new unheard material. The album was recorded at Trident Studios with renowned producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Testament, Machine Head).

The overall album experience shares eight old school thrash/death metal influenced tracks that are an emotionally twisted ride of violently catchy brutality. With themes that include corruption, occultism, murder, revolt, and loss of faith, Thanatopsis delivers an album that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish, with a sound unlike any other.

The band comments:

“It has been a long time in the making and we are very excited to present to the world the first official full-length Thanatopsis album Initiation. This album contains timeless songs that fans, both old and new, will appreciate. Bringing our sound to the masses has been a collective dream of ours for a long time. In a scene that is saturated with bands, we are proud to release something that is unique in character to the metal world at large.”

The album’s first single “Embodiment” is a heavy groove song with the chorus featuring an interesting interplay between the guitar and bass as Thom Hall and David A. Couch utilize counterpoint to create a sonic element designed to put the listener into a state of vertigo.  The lyrics are based on a personal account of vocalist John Bishop, as he searches for faith and comes up empty.

The band adds:

“This is a song that has been demoed a few times in the past, but due to various reasons it has never been done to the band’s satisfaction – until now.  While this song is about the personal experience of vocalist John Bishop, it also has content that many can relate to as it describes a search for a faith that uncovers untruth and ends in despair.”

Preorder here.


“The Age Of Silence”
“Your Demise”
“Suffer System”


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