A Tribute To The Rock God – Eddie Van Halen

As far back as I can remember to when I was a little boy I can vividly remember hearing Van Halen on the radio, playing in the background while I was playing video games and such at Chuck E Cheese, then on MTV.

My ultra fanatical religious parents had this band and many others in their sights as “the devil’s music” and I couldn’t buy tapes or records until later on… So I had to sneak and listen when and where I could. Still my passion for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal began in these early years and Van Halen was at the epicenter of the excitement. My passion was shared with my cousin Jimmy Nyle and other friends. James and I would later on get to see Van Halen live twice together. Once in our teens and once in our late twenties. I also saw them another two times.

It goes without saying that Eddie Van Halen was literally a God walking amongst men. He revolutionized the way the electric guitar was approached and played and even developed three patents. I’m certain without his influence we would not have had many of the great Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands that would try to follow the “formula.”

He was always smiling and even beaming with joy of life and love. It was apparent he loved his fans and enjoyed being an entertainer. Yet he was still such a humble down to earth individual who loved his family and enjoyed being a simple man as well. To be that great yet so humble speaks volumes of his character!

I’ve spend a better portion of the past three days reflecting, mourning, and balling my eyes out with uncontrolled tears at the loss of this great human being. I feel so honored to have been alive during and so passionate for the greatest era of music in history. And this man was one of a handful that set that ball rolling. It is an honor to be a Van Halen fan for close to forty years now!

The music embodied everything that matters in this life. Love, unbridled passion, vital existence, family, friendship, partying, having a good time, being young and free, sex, beauty, beautiful women, rebellion against the status quo, freedom, and pretty much just rising up and beyond the mundane bullshit of this planet! The world is changing and people are losing their passion and individual freedom and trading it in for a muzzle and a leash. I for one will never conform. If I did life would stop being life and instead it would become a prison. I will always hold these Rock n Roll values that bands like Van Halen literally wrote anthems about. I will never conform. You cannot cage that which cannot be caged!

The memories and the music will live on. He will never be forgotten for the gifts that he gave this world. He immortalized himself by leaving such a profound legacy and an impact on those that loved him and his music! Thank you for bringing some profound meaning to my life and for giving me something to hold onto during both the greatest of times and the darkest of times. I love you man! Rest in Power Rock God! As you go to the great beyond they are celebrating with joy because the greatest of them has joined them! Say hi to my Sister and the rest of the fellas for me!

Hail Van Halen!🤘

Hail Eddie Van Halen forever!


Author: Jon Rexius

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