Sammi Doll Releases Official Music Video for “AN OM IE”

LA based, Dark Pop Rock artist SAMMI DOLL (IAMX, Kat Von D.) has released the official music video for her debut single, “AN OM IE.” Originally premiered with Alternative Press, “AN OM IE” is an amalgamation of pounding dance beats and industrial keyboard hooks that showcase Sammi’s vocal range and frontwoman persona.

Directed by Ron Underwood, the “AN OM IE” music video features a series of haunting vignettes taking the viewer through a window of bold and artistic imagery, tipping the hat to nostalgic, 90’s color themes.

“ANOMIE theory is the state of social disintegration. We as a society, live within this theory; and we are our own worst enemy.

I’ve been involved in many projects with other bands (IAMX, Bullet Height, Kat Von D, Losers) and this is the first time that I’m branching out on my own. I wrote “AN OM IE” with Sean and Juliette Beavan – they have shown an incredible amount of support and mentorship through the entire process of launching this project. We got in the studio and amalgamated a sound that took influence from a few bands i’m inspired by, the first melody and word to come to my head was “ENEMY” …. which switches later in the song to become AN OM IE.”

“The video began as a concept of vignettes with director Ron Thunderwood. I knew that I wanted to create something beautifully artistic and visually unsettling. We filmed the video over the course of four months due to quarantine restrictions, so we had the luxury of time to build on the characters. I really give my blood, insomnia, and tears to everything I do artistically and tend to think about the consequences later… but I knew I was committed when a frozen octopus from Seattle showed up at my front door…” – SAMMI DOLL

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