VADER Unleash New Live Video ‘Streaming Madness’

Via Vader …..”VADERMANIAX !!! Welcome and let us invite YOU ALL to watch our quite unique performance, which took place live at the “Od Nowa” club in Toruń on Monday, December 21, 2020. The uniqueness lies in the situation that forced us to this type of event, as well as its character.


As You all know Vader lives with concerts and tours. Literally. The worldwide covid19 virus pandemic has been grounded us from functioning normally for months. We try to survive this period, but at the same time we try to use every opportunity to jump on stage and crank up the amps. Such an opportunity appeared literally at the last moment and came from a foundation that helps music and bands to survive. Especially to all those Friends, who work hard as „a crew” and make sure that each show goes smoothly. „Streaming Madness” is not a pre-recorded video – because the whole band was playing really live! We tried to keep as much as possible the nature of the last tour – “Pandemic Madness”, 3/4 of which you will see and hear here. The stage, lights or image are a continuation of the tour interrupted by the pandemic. We also kept originality and live character of the show to give you all that impression. However, it is not a real concert because…. we played without Fans. There is no such important element of each Metal show as YOU ALL. The concert was recorded only with stage equipment and monitors, without the sound system, which was also a very strange experience – especially for me, shouting at “mute microphone”, more inside than outside. Nevertheless – while waiting for the return of normal tours and concerts, , I’d like you to feel like in the front row, in front of the stage, at a crazy meeting with the band Vader \m/ ENJOY !!!!” Peter

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