DEATH DEALER Release New Track “The Heretic Has Returned”

Death Dealer has released another song off of their 3rd album, ‘Conquered Lands,’ that was released November 13, 2020 on Steel Cartel Records.

The track – entitled “THE HERETIC HAS RETURNED” – is a sequel to the song “CURSE OF THE HERETIC” off of their debut album WAR MASTER, and can be heard below.

Ross said “I really dig this song we thought about putting the ballad out there 22 GONE which I love but we settled on putting another thrasher for people to hear.”

The all-star heavy metal roster of DEATH DEALER features the aforementioned ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR), Sean Peck: vocals (CAGE, THE THREE TREMORS, DENNER/SHERMANN), Stu Marshall: guitar (DUNGEON, NIGHT LEGION), Steve Bolognese: drums (ROSS THE BOSS BAND, INTO ETERNITY), and newly added bass player extraordinaire Mike Lepond (SYMPHONY-X, ROSS THE BOSS BAND). 

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