EMINENCE Releases New Track “BYOG” And Music Video

Brazilian powerhouse Eminence has today released their latest thought-provoking track “BYOG” and stunning music video accompaniment.

“BYOG” is the second single from Eminence’s forthcoming album “Dark Echoes”, out on May 28, 2021, via Blood Blast Distribution. Speaking to the release of “BYOG”, Eminence guitarist Alan Wallace shares:
“We filmed the entire music video at the concert hall Mister Rock here in Belo Horizonte. The general production was handled by our vocalist Bruno Paraguay and co-production by our bassist Davidson Mainart. “BYOG” (Be Your Own God) is a protest against all forms of religion that manipulate and sell a place in heaven to their faithful.”
The band recently released their blistering single “Dark Echoes” featuring guest vocals from Bjorn Strid of Soilwork which is a call to arms for the fight against bigotry in its myriad forms.

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