EMILY LAZAR (September Mourning) Teams up with Jesse Meester and Griffin Carlson to Create “Thinking of You”

On May 2nd, Emily Lazar of September Mourning (the first female rock/ metal front person to create and sell an NFT ), Jesse Meester (Actor, Entrepreneur with 1.8 million social media followers) and Griffin Carlson (Digital and NFT artist under the moniker romanticappeal) will be revealing their combined efforts to create a unique NFT collection, “Thinking of You”.

All three artists met through the NFT community and decided to combine their similar aesthetics and different strengths to create art and benefit two charities they are passionate about. Equal profit share from the sale of this NFT collection will be donated to both The World Wildlife Federation and The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

NFTs are unique, limited edition digital pieces of art that the creator signs & authenticates. You can own each one forever like you would a vinyl record or sell it as the NFT appreciates in value on an NFT exchange like Foundation. The artists and in this case the charity as well, gets a residual portion of the sale so you are always supporting them both monetarily and promotionally. Think of the space as a collectible marketplace for the digital world.

Emily, Jesse and Griffin are dropping four pieces in their NFT collection. Each piece is one of a kind and combines photography, digital art, animation and music to create a story and mood.

“As a touring musician and fellow pandemic survivor, I wanted to evoke the different emotions that occur in a relationship between two people when they are apart.” – Emily Lazar

The four unique pieces can be seen on the curated NFT platform, Foundation, under the Collection, “Thinking of You”.
“We are excited that, together, our supporters can help make the art their own, share their newly acquired collectible, help spread awareness and give back to some amazing causes.” – Jesse Meester

For 60 years, The World Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.
Founded in 1987, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, is the largest private funder of suicide prevention research. dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide.


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