REAPING ASMODEIA With New Cover Single, ‘Day 69’

REAPING ASMODEIA returns with a brand new single, available to stream on all digital platforms from today.

This standalone single is a cover of Decapitated’s Day 69 – originally found on the Polish band’s 2006 album Organic Hallucinosis – and is a bludgeoning taste of what this Minneapolis modern death metal trio is capable of, with more to follow in the coming months.

Of the track, the band comments:

“Early Decapitated has had a profound influence on all of us in REAPING ASMODEIA. When we think of albums that have had an immense impact on ourselves, and our respective genres, there is no question that Organic Hallucinosis will be mentioned. The skill, technicality, and sheer ferocity on this album is as relevant as ever. With this year being the 15th anniversary of that album, what better time than now to unleash our version of Day 69 before we begin to share our new album with all of you very soon!”

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