Concert Photo Review: POWERWOLF @ The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, California

German heavy metal giants POWERWOLF currently reign as their country’s most successful modern metal export, but have already begun swiftly converting North American audiences to the wolfpack – quickly proving their potency in America and Canada by selling out the first performance date they announced in each country.

At the San Francisco stop, the near capacity crowd were immediately whipped into a mosh pitting, crowd surfing frenzy, from the first note of show opener “Faster Than The Flame” to the closer “Werewolves of Armenia” a devastating hour and 45 minutes later, San Francisco was still screaming for more POWERWOLF.


  • Faster Than the Flame
  • Incense & Iron
  • Army of the Night
  • Amen & Attack
  • Dancing With the Dead
  • Armata Strigoi
  • Beast of Gévaudan
  • Stossgebet
  • Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Fire and Forgive
  • Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
  • Sainted by the Storm
  • Resurrection by Erection
  • Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
  • Let There Be Night


  • Agnus Dei
  • Sanctified With Dynamite
  • We Drink Your Blood
  • Werewolves of Armenia
  • Wolves Against the World

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