BLIND ILLUSION Release First Music Video In 42 Years

Blind Illusion’s lead guitarist and vocalist Mark Biedermann says, “Believe it or not, “Straight as the Crowbar Flies” is the story of an event that actually happened to me. Someone hurled a crowbar at me and (luckily) they missed. The lyrics and the video bring the story into a fantasized spiritual realm and a humorous one at that!”

“Straight as the Crowbar Flies” brings Blind Illusion’s thrash roots into the modern day.

“We’re really proud of Wrath of the Gods. Andy [Galeon] has been an amazing addition and he fits right in. The new album will make you want to headbang your way all the way to the record store” says bassist Tom Gears. “We even put out a limited edition Blind Illusion cannabis brand available at select California dispensaries so you can feel the Wrath of the Gods when you listen to the album!

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