WILL HAVEN Premieres Foreign Films II Documentary

Sacramento, California dark hardcore/metalcore outfit WILL HAVEN has just premiered a new documentary on the current state of the band, now playing on YouTube. The documentary is just the tip of the iceberg for the band in 2022, as they prepare for live dates, and put the final touches on their impending seventh LP.

photo by Rocking Ryan Richardson

Picking up where the first Foreign Films installment left off, the new documentary focuses on WILL HAVEN’s regrouping in recent years, and the creation of their 2018-released sixth LP, Muerte, their first for Minus Head Records. Directed by David Owen Blackley of Her Name Is Murder Productions, the film features energetic live footage and intimate interviews with its members, showcasing the band’s passion for the music they write, the diehard fanbase that helped them maintain their mainstay cult status since the 1990s, and hints at what lies ahead.
WILL HAVEN guitarist Jeff Irwin reveals about the film, “I’m excited to finally share this documentary. I love it because it has the same feel as our original release but with a much more mature version of us as well as reliving the history of the band. I have watched it about twenty times, and I still find things in there I didn’t notice the first time. Dave did an amazing job capturing us and our fans and making an art piece out of it similar to what Brad Oates did with the original Foreign Films. I think it’s a great documentary for new fans to learn about the band and our crazy journey for the past twenty-five years. My advice is to sit back and turn up for volume and enjoy the ride.
Brad Hardie of Minus Head Records adds, “It’s an honor to work with WILL HAVEN. I grew up in Sacramento, and there was always a certain allure about them. I look forward to spreading the word about them with Foreign Films II and releasing another record!”

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