Concert Photo Review: APOCALYPTICA and LACUNA COIL @ Regency Ballroom – San Francisco

While on their CELL-0 tour, Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica stopped by the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco with the support of Italian symphonic/alternative metal band Lacuna Coil.

 Sunday afternoon when I arrived at the Regency Ballroom, the first thing I noticed outside is the huge line of fans that wrapped all around the block which were all awaiting eagerly for the doors to open; the day had finally come when they would get to see Apocalyptica and Lacuna Coil perform live.

 Last time the joint tour was announced, it had to be postponed due to safety reasons (Covid), but not this time. Today, it was finally happening and fans that had been waiting for the return of Lacuna Coil and Apocalyptica for over two years we’re finally going to get their wish granted.

 Sunday night inside the Regency Ballroom, the crowd patiently awaited in near total darkness for the show to start. A few moments later, the lights turned on and one by one the band members of Lacuna Coil started to come up the stage.

 Lacuna Coil started their set with the song “Blood, Tears, Dust” from their Delirium Album. This is one of my favorite songs from that album, great lyrics love them drums at the start with Andrea’s screemo style gets get’s you all pumped up then you hear Cristina sing the chorus:

Three nights of hell
Immortality spell (spell)
Light up the skies
Make it through the darkness Three nights of hell

You can’t help but get drawn in to her beautiful voice. Next song was “Trip the Darkness” from their album Dark Adrenaline and the song was also included in the soundtrack album of the film “Underworld Awakening”. Third, was the song “Reckless” from their latest album Black Anima which I highly recommend you give a listen to! Another great treat from the band was the song Heaven’s a Lie, what a classic song from the band’s earlier days that took me back to early 2000.

 The band was formed in Milan, Italy in 1994 under the name Sleep of Right, some time later on Cristina Scabbia joined the band and the name was changed to Ethereal. Once getting signed to Century Media Records in 1997 the band changed their name to Lacuna Coil.

During the existence of the band, they have created nine studio albums and won several awards including:

2012 Female Metal Voices Fest Award (Best Album 2012 Dark Adrenaline), 2016’s Metal Hammer Awards (Germany Best International Band) and 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards (Best Live Act).

Now it was time for the Finnish metal band Apocalyptica. I was very excited to finally see Apocalyptica perform live. They opened with the song Ashes of the Modern World from their new album Cell-0. Followed up with my second all time favorite song of the band Path (first favorite song being Path Vol.II), although they did a fantastic job, I was a bit disappointed they weren’t able to perform Path Vol.II and taken advantage of having Cristina Scabbia on tour with them and having her fill in for vocals, I am certain the fans of both bands would have loved it.

Third song was Grace from their album Worlds Collide. What can I honestly say about this track, you can close your eyes and feel the melody take you on a journey, excellent work on the cellos with nice combination of drums make this track pure gold.

Apocalyptica also had the very talented Franky Perez doing vocals on the songs: I’m Not Jesus, Not Strong Enough, I’ll Get Through It, Shadowmaker, I Don’t Care. Franky Perez worked with Apocalyptica in the past most notably with their album Shadowmaker (2015).


Pictures and words by Alex Macias. Please visit Alex @ his website for more stunning images.

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