Concert Photo Review: KURT DEIMER @ Will Rogers Auditorium – Fort Worth, Texas

The show was opened by a local Dallas band – Anything but Human. The band is – Ryan Avila (guitar, vocals), Phil Sahs (bass) and Joel Dennie (drums). The venue was still about halfway full, and people were piling up in the isles trying to find their seats. The stage was setup with stage props that had spotlights and the band’s logo on them as well. The band played most of their songs from their “Push” EP and covered Beatles – “Eleanor Rigby”. I liked their version of the song, it was classic, yet with a twist of modern hard rock. Overall, they were a perfect choice to open the show.



Move On

Where You Are

I’ve Been Lost

Tonight (Without You)

Eleanor Rigby

The venue was pretty much full. Next on stage was Kurt Deimer. He is a newcomer – a Hollywood actor turned rocker. The venue lights were dimmed, and a movie reel was played over the speakers. The stage had a “Bald Man Films” logo, moving stage lights were lighting up the dark stage and the venue. Kurt was joined on stage by his band members, including Phil X (Bon Jovi). The band came on and started off with “Dance”. There were definitely fans of this band in the crowd. People got up and started rocking as soon as the band hit the stage. Most of the songs that Kurt and his band played were from his latest EP. Their songs have messages in them that deal with social issues. One of the songs was “Hero”, dedicated to first responders and military veterans. The band also covered Pink Floyd’s – “Have a Cigar”. It does not sound like Pink Floyd at all, but does sound very cool. At the end of the set, some people left the auditorium, because they only came to see Kurt. I haven’t heard of Kurt Deimer before the show. He definitely has a fan in me now.



Only Time Will Tell

Back Of The School

Have a Cigar


Whatcha Sayin’


Remaining tour date:

Jan. 19, 2023 Tampa, FL

Headlining the show were Tesla. A band that’s been around and rocking for over 40 years. The venue was full of true Tesla fans, some had their teenage kids with them, to show what a real 80’s hair band is about. The lights of the venue were dimmed and “We Will Rock You” by Queen was played over the speakers. The band got on stage and kicked off their set with “Modern Day Cowboy”. The crowd went crazy. It’s like most of them teleported back into the ‘80s. There was a huge LED screen that was as wide as the stage and a staircase that looked like ivory keys when lit up, that led to the drummer. The band was rocking and they had a really good time. They played most of their classic hits like “Hang Tough”, ” Lazy Days, Crazy Nights”, “Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time)”, “Call It What You Want” and one of my favorites, “Love Song”. Each song was accompanied by videos on the big LED screen. Some videos were of the album covers, others were actual music videos of the songs played.

The whole venue was singing along when the band played “What You Give”. The acoustic intro for “Love Song” was beautifully done. It gave me chills! During that song, Frank Hannon, picked up a double neck guitar and was rockin’ all over the stage with it. Before playing their last song of the set – “Signs”, Jeff Keith asked the crowd if they wanted more. It was the end of long, rockin’ night, the crowd screamed loud to convince the band they wanted more!

At the end of the set, I thought about it, and it made me want to teleport back to the 80’s, to experience all the hair metal bands in their heyday.

Setlist: Modern Day Cowboy

Hang Tough

Time to Rock

Breakin’ Free

Heaven’s Trail (No Way Out)

Miles Away


Call It What You Want

Lazy Days, Crazy Nights

What You Give

Edison’s Medicine (Man Out of Time)

Love Song

Little Suzi (Ph.D. cover)

Signs (Five Man Electrical Band cover)

Remaining tour date:

Jan 17 Key West, FL,

Jan 19 Tampa, FL

Mar 17 Las Vegas, NV

Mar 18 Las Vegas, NV

Mar 22 Las Vegas, NV

Mar 24 Las Vegas, NV

Pictures and review by Artur Brakhman, see more stunning photos from Artur at this link here.

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