NIGHT DEMON reveals details for new concept album, ‘OUTSIDER’

On March 17th, Ventura, California’s heavy metal institution Night Demon return with their third full-length, OUTSIDER, via Century Media Records. For a first preview of OUTSIDER, the album’s title track can be streamed now here; the video (directed by Oliver Barth) can be seen below.

Regarding OUTSIDER, Jarvis Leatherby (Vocals / Bass) recently commented as follows to Decibel Magazine: “Most bands will always tell you that their newest album is the best…I completely understand why bands say that sort of thing, and I do agree that if you’re not pushing yourself to be better on the next release, then you should just quit. However, I think it’s up to the listener to ultimately decide this, and it’s all subjective. ‘OUTSIDER’ is by far the most Night Demon has ever extended ourselves, and for that I am so proud and artistically fulfilled.”


Pre-order OUTSIDER now at: – where the record is available in the following versions:

–CD Digipak

–Black LP

–Transparent green LP

–Coke bottle clear LP available from USA outlets (limited to 500 copies)

–Transparent magenta LP available from CM Distro Wholesale EU and (limited to 500 copies)

–Transparent sun yellow LP available from EMP, High Roller, Nuclear Blast (limited to 400 copies)

–Digital album

Plus, the following – exclusively from Night Demon:

–Dark green neon-yellow haze LP (limited to 500 copies)

–Cassette w/ green glow (limited to 50 standalone copies)

–Cassette w/ black tint shell (limited to 50 standalone copies)

–Ultimate Bundle with:

  • Dark green-neon yellow haze 12″ LP
  • Green cassette
  • Digipak CD
  • OUTSIDER t-shirt
  • Coffin shaped backpatch
  • Party mirror

–CD + t-shirt bundle

–Black 12″ LP + T-shirt bundle

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