BLESSED CURSE Bring the Thrash Attack on “Throne of Bones”

BLESSED CURSE release the new single and lyric video for “Throne of Bones,” the second sampling of the Nor Cal group’s anticipated new album. Recognized for their deadly thrash metal the trio strike back with another ruthless outing filled with crunchy guitars, bellowing vocals and hammering drums complimented by a lyric video created by Raf Orteaga at Ecliptic Visions (Ayreon, The Absence, Hecate Enthroned) which can be viewed below.

“’Throne of Bones’ is a malicious track about an individual who meets with a witch that teaches you how to change your physical form into something sinister to get away with brutal murders,” explains guitarist/vocalist Tyler Satterlee. “With this power this person literally constructs a throne of bones of his enemies deep in the woods, gleefully sitting upon a bloody chair of vengeance.”


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