Coast To Coast: Sacramento, California To Richmond, Virginia

It’s me Nikki Knight, here again to review some bands for Capital Chaos TV. With Spewline Productions, I have had the opportunity, to meet some really great people and bands. I started in Sacramento, California and now I’m here in Richmond Virginia. I have had the opportunity to check out both scenes, so I decided I will start letting both coasts know about up and coming artists from both scenes.

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Sacramento is home to many different kinds of music, and punk is huge in the scene. Killer Couture is a great electronic punk band, with a heavy industrial sound and true hardcore vocals and energy. Front man Seth Draven brings high energy and powerful vocals, set to the sound of synthesizers, with Captain Hook laying down on various pieces of metal, creating the chaotic ambiance that makes you want to dance and mosh. Killer Couture has been playing a lot of shows and had one recently with Cory Feldman & The Angels . I watched them grow, as I booked them with Spewline Productions and I am a very proud punk mama. Check out their band camp here of you haven’t heard of them yet. Don’t Miss out!!

Richmond Virginia, like Sacramento has a huge and diverse local music scene, along with a giant art community. Home of Gwar and poet Edgar Allan Poe, the influences you can find are never ending. A few days ago I lucked out and got to see a Toxic Moxie show. They call themselves disco punk and they are awesome as fuck! They have a feel that makes me think of a mixture of TSOL and Bikini Kill. Their vocalist, Sera Stavroula, has a super strong voice and she commands the stage with it. Harley Kordella on synthesizer/bass keeps the melody flowing and had me enchanted the whole entire time. Justin Shear on guitar shredded beautifully as Danny Crawford kept the beat. It was high energy and very engaging. There was not a dull moment. Keep an eye on these guys! Check out their website here page.

From coast to coast and from my old home town to the new; I bring you Awesome bands to put on your gotta see list and gotta playlist. We gotta support our local artists and local scene. Keep reading, there is more to come, when I introduce you next, to more of my favorites.

PILE OF PRIESTS – “Tenebrous Labyrinth” (Unsigned)

Tenebrous Labyrinth, the latest EP from Denver CO, Pile of Priests starts off with a four count on the snare (thank you Death is Your Saviour by Kreator!) followed by a quick frenzy of a kick-lead blast beat section featuring a unique guitar riff that almost sounds to be floating in a storm with a higher-pitched note progression. The title track is a good indicator of what the listener is in store for with Tenebrous Labyrinth. Varying feels within the metal genre spectrum, tight playing from all three musicians, interesting musical choices that flow throughout each of the song structures, good production, and killer vocals.

The bass provided by Patrick Leyn, my second favorite produced element in the mix is keeping the low-end working well by gluing the guitar riffs in a lower octave and supporting the heaviness vibe providing the overall feel of many of the sections. The bass tone cuts through the mix quite well, and when the band cuts out for moments for bass breaks it puts a smile on my face. It’s always a plus for me when I hear a metal band not afraid to feature their bassist, because they are an integral part of any band and when done right can provide another deep level of tonal phrasings, harmonies, and the thickness every band requires to get the full spectrum of sounds.

Drumming-wise, Evan Knight’s playing is very tight and features phrasings that compliment what the guitars and bass are playing melodically by providing the groove and feel for the many different sections of each song. There are choices made on the drums that provide interesting variations to the main feels that aren’t always in the fills between different sections of the songs that help keep the listener engaged throughout the entirety of each track.

The guitar parts provide the necessary metal stamp for each song but don’t stop there. To simply put the guitars as a genre identifier would do injustice to metal’s main instrument (generally speaking). Evan Salvador is playing kickass riffs while making some sick chord progressions and melodies (Interglacial Departure I’m thinking of!). I love the outro to that song with the counter of the earlier heaviness lying in the lower dynamics, clean tone guitars and meditative vibe.

The delivery of the vocal lines, again by Evan Salvador, stand out as the EP’s best produced element. They are providing the low gruff tone of many death metal vocalists but at the same time with a slightly closer listen, the words can be understood! This is a huge plus for me when you can actually hear the words of a singer and the lyrics make sense from a storytelling point of view. Good tone with these as well, the layered harmonies on some of the lines brings back some Deicide style vocal moments for me.

Overall, check out Tenebrous Labyrinth from Pile of Priests due out on November 24th 2017 because it kicks ass all around!…….


Author: Derek Bean

Top 5 Ways How NOT To Kill Your Local Scene

I have been booking shows for a few years now and I’ve seen my scene back home in Sacramento flourish but I can see other things that are happening everywhere that could potentially cause us to diminish. Please let me advise you on what not to do to keep your scene going.


Sure it’s great to see your big name favorites but they had to start somewhere just like your local band you see playing at your local punk house or bar. This is a no duh piece of logic. For you to have new music you must be open minded to your local bands. if you have not gone to a local show you are missing out!! There is so much great music often over looked because a big named band is in town. In no shape or form am I telling you that you are an asshole for wanting to go see your favorite band but why not save $100 bucks and save the beer money and check out your local acts. Trust me Green Day will not miss the money as to where a local band with DIY integrity still in tact is struggling to keep their merch and tour money going. You may be missing the next big thing and so might the world of you don’t support local artists and go to their shows and speak of their awesomeness. Plus there is nothing like being around a real punk show in a tiny room with a bunch of drunken jolly fuckers ready to mosh with you share a few beers and give you the sense of kinship that I feel you can’t find anywhere else. I miss my Sacramento punk haven Cass De Chaos and all my buddies I met there. It’s one of the best parts of my life and it could be one of yours but your missing it by not looking into your FaceBook local event page and checking out these kinds of shows


There is probably nothing more annoying to me than not being able to bring a younger friend who is itching to get into their first punk show but then get carded at the door, ” Sorry kid can’t let ya in “. It’s beyond me why we keep losing all age venues when we need the young crowds to carry and spread our scenes music to all their friends and have them learn about both what’s new and some older bands that make our music scene so great. 21+ shows do have good booze and no you don’t have to deal with that one kid that thinks Black Vail Brides is the most hard core band they ever heard but I implore you to believe me when I say that is not true for many of our young punks and metal heads. Even if it is it’s our job as elder punks to show them good shit. I myself am a late bloomer and started going to shows way late but of it wasn’t for my friends that sat me down and let me hear good quality punk and metal bands and expand my library of music I would not be as happy as I am today. Please if you do not have any all age venues MAKE ONE. Get together and figure out houses willing to host a show or find a center or restaurant that is willing to do a show. Check into veterans halls or anywhere! It’s not easy you have to keep noise complaints from happening if you don’t properly set up notice with neighbors or don’t set up your pad to keep sound inside. I will discuss how to sound proof your shed or basement and how to keep out door shows from getting too crazy and avoid getting the police called in a future article. This also helps underage bands get the experience they need to prosper and if you book it at your house you may have a little laundry money after paying off your bands.


Sure, being a local musician or promoter you are probably not rolling in the dough. You want to make sure you can get a cut to cover expenses for promoting or setting up the show but don’t be that dick that keeps a majority of the money and then makes 3 bands split $30 bucks. It is insanely difficult to be a struggling musician trying to keep your band in gas money and keep any instruments or props (costumed bands like mine have the extra expense) in good shape. They spend weeks practicing and making sure they get as many people to come see the show they deserve to be paid. Let’s not forget merch most bands use their last pennies to make patches, Cds and vinyls, stickers and shirts to help aide their efforts. So please if you go to a show and like a band get some of their stuff. It would be a cool memento that you can look back at and you can see if they ever tour with Gwar later. However if it’s a benefit show ask the bands how much they are willing to give of their cut for the cause.


Hey I have done it a few times where my friends band helps me get in for free but mind you I have been helping promote bands and keep the scene going so it’s not as bad as the guy who NEVER does anything to earn getting in free. They don’t share or promote your event to your friends. They don’t pay for their own beer. Definitely won’t help load in or out and won’t stay for every band. This person is only in for a free good time. There are usually at least 2 per band at every show. This takes away money to pay the bands and the promoter and definitely doesn’t help pay the venue. If we want good shows we have to have people willing to pay. “Money is For Posers Man!!!!” No money is to keep bands playing dude! So bands if you know someone like this please tell them they have to attract help bring more paying people in or help film clips of the bands to promote future shows or tell them no! However free shows are a good promotional tool to get people out for the next paid event


” Ah hey it’s their job I’m not good at that kind of thing I’m too busy”
Fuck that! No more excuses. You guys have people you want to hear your music and friends who aren’t going shit on Friday and Saturday nights. Get up and spread the damn word. Social media is one of the best and new ways of promoting new music and new shows. Make a post with a link to your music and the event page spread it everywhere regardless of it being in the right facebook group and invite everyone even people you think might not be interested. Who knows your Grandma may be proud of how you sodomize puppets on stage or sing about how our government is fucked. The promoters tirelessly share to ever online forum and social edit page they can and some maybe posting flyers. Do what you can! print the flier go to bars and other shows and pass them out. If your doing a show on Friday with a band that has one going on Saturday announce that shit! Go to your local college radio and tell them about your show and maybe see if they will play a few tracks. It takes everyone apart of shows to keep our scene going.

There is so much good music you can find in your local scene and on everyone else’s local scenes. Support it! If you are tired of played out mainstream bullshit or wanna see what’s new get out there. Next article I’m going to be discussing bands I recommend from my home town Sacramento and bands o recommend in my new home in Richmond VA. Don’t miss it they could be playing sometime and somewhere near you.

Nikki Knight writes for Capital Chaos TV and promotes events through Spewline Productions and currently based out of Richmond, Virginia.


This years Aftershock has came and went and I wouldn’t be surprised if Discovery Park is still feeling tremors. The annual two day music festival seems to get better and better each year. This years line up was pretty diverse, ranging from metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, industrial metal legends Nine Inch Nails, and all the way to up and coming rock band Greta Van Fleet and metal upstarts Power Trip. Throw in a little Tech N9ne and Run the Jewels, and there was something for everybody this year. If Maryln Manson didn’t have a stage prop fall on him forcing him to cancel his set, it would have been one of the most stacked lineups Aftershock has put together.

Saturday saw Discovery Park slowly turn into a mass of black shirts as the festival kicked off. Greta Van Fleet was scheduled to be one of the early performers, but they were delayed, luckily they made it later that day and treated the crowd to some great rock and roll. If you’ve never heard of Greta Van Fleet, check them out if you like Led Zeppelin, you’ll love this band. French metal band Gojira was another stand out band on Saturday playing to a huge crowd with huge mosh pits. I’m sure they earned a few more fans after crushing Aftershock. Stone Sour played a solid set, but the performance was just kinda flat and forgettable. A Perfect Circle took the stage and Maynard James Keenan played his usual game of hide and seek with the crowd. Singing a lot of the set lurking in the background APC fans ate it up. As APC’s set concluded, it was time for the night’s closer NIN. Clearly the days biggest draw, Nine Inch Nails delivered an awesome performance. Playing a virtual greatest hits live, playing songs from “Head Like a Hole” to the sets closer “Hurt”, and through a thick layer of smoke from the fog machine, he completely gave the fans everything they could’ve asked for.

As good as Saturday was, Sunday was even better. Bands like Beartooth, Of Mice and Men, and Them Evils, the day kicked off with some great metal. Nu-Metal upstart band DED came out and gave the fans a fresh take on some Nu-metal (not a bad band if you can look past the part of working with douchebag Fred Durst). Starset was a band alot of people were looking forward to seeing, donning space suits and the drummer inside a clear cube, their self described sound as “cinematic” rock makes sense. As new a band as Starset is, Suicidal Tendencies kept it old school. Mike Muir and the boys showed everyone why they’ve been around since the early 80’s. With Mike Muir running around the stage and his in between song banter, it was a reminder of just how integral Suicidal has been to the undergound punk/metal scene. Chris Jericho’s metal band Fozzy gave the fans a reminder of what good ole heavy metal should be like. Female fronted metal bands In This Moment and Halestorm proved that girls rock just as hard, if not harder than the guys. If you’ve never had an opportunity to see Steel Panther, I highly recommend it. The mixture of comedy in between songs and 80’s glam metal gave the fans a fantastic show, and showed everyone they are here to stay. Power Trip came up and decimated the crowd as their mixture of old school hardcore and thrash metal poured through Discovery Park. The night’s co-headliner Five Finger Death Punch came through and delivered a solid set, with Ivan Moody sounding powerful on vocals.

As killer a lineup as Sunday was, majority of the crowd was there for Ozzy Osborne. The Metal icon took the stage as night descended on Discovery Park, for a perfect setting to let Ozzy’s classic songs to tear through the fans. With Zakk Wylde back on guitar, Ozzy’s songs sounded great. He moved around the stage and engaged the crowd like few can do. Ozzy played of course his many classic songs and even threw in the Black Sabbath song “Fairies Wear Boots”. Zakk Wylde performed in his typical minutes long solo’s, that of course shredded, and drummer Tommy Clufetos played an intense drum solo. All in all it was a fantastic set led by a legendary frontman.

Aftershock 2017 ended up being a fantastic festival that truly had something for everybody. With food ranging from Korean BBQ to fish tacos, pulled pork sandwiches to fried shrimp, from bands like Gojira to Tech N9ne, from Ozzy Osbourne to Power trip, I don’t see how anyone could complain about the lineup. They even had information booths like Heavy Grass for all your weed smoking needs and information, to Dyin 2 to Live, which informs people about the importance of early Cancer detection. Of course there are going to be people who didn’t like the parking, or the walking, or waiting for a drink, prices are too high, or whatever. I hope those people that complain could just truly appreciate the two day music festival for what it offers to music fans and that is two days of great music around even greater people. If Afterschock 2017 is any indication of what is to come in the future, then I say “Bring it the fuck on.”  John Adams

Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

Death metal is alive and well in 2017 and if you don’t believe me, then just listen to the new Cannibal Corpse album, Red Before Black.  Even being the 14th studio album the death metal legends have put out, it still sounds as fresh and brutal as ever.  The first few seconds of the albums intro, “Only One Will Die”, will let you know exactly what you are about to experience.  Whether you’ve been a fan from day one, or are just discovering the band, there’s something for everyone on this record.  The plodding slow grind of the albums first single, “Code Of The Slasher”, is like taking a belt sander to the face of the undead.

While songs like “Firestorm Vengeance” and “Corpus Delicti” have thrashy guitars that really wouldn’t be out of place on a record like Slayer’s classic “Reign in Blood”.  George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher lays down great vocal patterns, while the guitar duo of death metal veterans Pat O’Brien and Rob Barrett just crush this album with riff after riff.  The drumming is nothing great nor terrible.  It drives the songs without being overly fancy, like any good death metal drummer should.  Paul Mazurkiewicz has set the bar for how a death metal drummer should play.  Alex Webster is an ageless wonder, he plays bass like few death metal bassists do, and this is a good thing.  Another one of the good things about this record is the song lengths.

  With the longest song, Code Of The Slashers at 4:46, this album doesn’t have much time for filler.  Straight to the point, get in, kill everything, and leave.  The way good death metal should be. So do yourself a favor, new and old fans alike.  Buy this album, play it loud and bang your head! – John Adams

Be sure to catch Cannibal Corpse on their upcoming tour with Gatecreeper & Power Trip

11/03/2017 Mavericks – Jacksonville, FL
11/04/2017 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
11/05/2017 Saturn – Birmingham, AL
11/06/2017 New Daisy Theater – Memphis, TN
11/08/2017 Trees – Dallas, TX
11/09/2017 White Oak – Houston, TX
11/10/2017 Mohawk – Austin, TX
11/12/2017 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
11/13/2017 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
11/14/2017 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
11/15/2017 Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
11/17/2017 Neumos – Seattle, WA
11/18/2017 Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
11/19/2017 Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
11/20/2017 The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
11/22/2017 Summit – Denver, CO
11/24/2017 Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL
11/25/2017 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
11/26/2017 Agora Ballroom – Cleveland, OH
11/28/2017 Royale – Boston, MA
11/29/2017 Stage 48 – New York, NY
11/30/2017 TLA – Philadelphia, PA
12/01/2017 Broadberry – Richmond, VA
12/02/2017 The Tarheel – Jacksonville, NC
12/03/2017 Pete’s – Greensboro, NC
12/05/2017 Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY
12/06/2017 Exit/In – Nashville, TN
12/07/2017 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
12/08/2017 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL

GWAR – The Blood Of Gods – Metal Blade Records – Release Date October 20, 2017

Gwar been slaying and spewing on millions ever since their first show at P.B. Kelly’s in 1985 and throughout their career the unforgettable and irreplaceable Dave Brockie had many different influences and always experimented with their sound. Three years after his tragic passing his ocean of bohabs (gwar fans) have mourned and been looking to the rest of the band to help them carry on. Now after two Gwarbq’s and new looks at Warped Tour they are now soon to be releasing a new album. Blood Of The Gods.

There are many songs on this album like “Fuck This Place” and “EL Presidente” that seem to be follow ups to Lust in Space and Sadam A GO GO. This brings upon some nostalgia of the past. “Phantom Limb” is a song dedicated to Oderus/Dave Brockie and you cant help but think of what Oderus might’ve said back. I can see memories flow in the forefront of my mind about Dave/Oderus . There are many good songs on this album but some like ” I’ll Be Your Monster” and “Death to Dickie Duncan” fall a bit flat to me and doesn’t give me the feeling Gwar usually does. Honestly I can say that the album is ok and I do like a few of the songs although I still feel like there is something missing.

Not to sound like a whiney bohab but it honestly is missing the feel Oderus used to give the songs when he performed them. Blothar has amazing vocals and there is nothing wrong with his job at all I just feel like this is something that is difficult to assimilate to. Oderus had a more raw and aggressive sound that showed his range from low guttural growls to clean smooth notes sustained and held lengthy strides that bounce back and forth to our amazement and Blothar has a very clean high pitched voice and has a great growl like a roar Its very different in delivery of the sound and is still something I’m sure many bohab’s will enjoy.

1. “War on Gwar” 7:21
2. “Viking Death Machine” 4:15
3. “El Presidente” 4:21
4. “I’ll Be Your Monster” 3:09
5. “Auroch” 4:05
6. “Swarm” 4:33
7. “The Sordid Soliloquy of Sawborg Destructo” 4:07
8. “Death to Dickie Duncan” 3:39
9. “Crushed By the Cross” 3:57
10. “Fuck This Place” 5:08
11. “Phantom Limb” 6:10
12. “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” (AC/DC cover)

Released October 20, 2017
Recorded 2015–2017
Length 55:50
Label Metal Blade Records
Producer Ronan Chris Murphy


Author: Nikki Knight

Harlott “Extinction”

Forged in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Harlott is the finest example of the thrash metal genre in recent years. Taking their influence from the 80’s bay area thrash scene, and blending it with the Teutonic melody and grit, they focus on high energy, up tempo music with lyrical influence from war, religion, chaos, and the human condition.

When I received the advanced copy of Harlott’s new record from Metal Blade Records entitled Extinction I’ve got to be honest, I had never heard of them. By the end of the album I had already told a good handful or two of friends about them. Harlott is a young band out of Australia that embodies the wonderful sound I grew up with in the mid 80’s of pure Thrash Metal.

Extinction is a record with no fluff and not for the faint of heart. It comes at you swinging like good Thrash music should. I swear if someone put the album on and didn’t tell you who it was, I’m almost positive your guesses would be Exodus? Slayer? Or maybe even Testament. It is that good. I have not heard a pure Thrash band like this in a long, long time.

A few of the tunes that stood out to me are pure gems, and there are plenty to choose from on this album since there are twelve tracks, but here are a few of my favorites.

I’m going to start out with the title track which is the first song on the album “Extinction” Don’t be fooled by the dream like mellow start, because by about the 50 second mark in comes the riff, heavy bass line and some sick drumming. The sound of this song in my opinion is a straight homage to Bay Area Thrash legends Exodus.

Jumping ahead to track four which is called “Whore”, the first thing I thought of was that this song could have made Slayer’s Christ Illusion album. With sick deep groovy riffs and relentless double bass drums that are on point this song has “the sound”. There are also times on this tune as well as the rest of the album that lead singer Andrew Hudson sounds to me like the great Tom Araya.

Moving on to track number eight “Violent Conspirator”, this song is by far the shortest on the album clocking in at only a minute and forty seconds, but the final product if just brutal and relentless. It may be the most aggressive song on the record and left me wanting more. Blazing rhythms and a frantic guitar solo that is just plain and simply awesome. Killer track!

If you have never heard Harlott and consider yourself a Metalhead, you need to. Being a teen in the mid 80’s this is the type of music I sought out, aggressive, fast, and powerful. This young band from Australia has all the makings to be a huge part of the next generation of Thrash, and to help carry the torch from the great forefathers before them. Extinction is a wonderfully made record with plenty of material to headbang too. If you are a Thrasher like me, you need to pick this record up April 7th when it’s released, you will not regret it.

Gene A. Gaona