Of Feather And Bone – Bestial Hymns Of Perversion (Profound Lore Records)

After garnering substantial praise for their long sold-out 2016 demo, OF FEATHER AND BONE returned to Goldberg Studios and recorded with Steve Goldberg (Cephalic Carnage) at the helm. The resulting album delivers a tumultuous salvo of blasting death metal; a more than thirty-two-minute exploration of the genre’s most vile tactics. Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound, and featuring stunning cover art courtesy of Stefan Todorovic, Bestial Hymns Of Perversion’s seven tracks of unrelenting death metal portend the destruction of the modern age.

Pulverizing their way through the dark depths of Denver, with seven delicious tracks of disastrous death metal. Starting the album off with the blast beat cacophony of “Repulsive Obscurity’ to the pinch squeal slaughter of “Lust For Torment”. “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” slows down a bit towards the closing of “Mockery of the Ascension” before our faces are once again smashed in with “Hymn Of Perversion” With a Bolt Throwerish beatdown, this Terrorizer like combo deliver like a pizza boy to a frat house on superbowl Sunday.

OF FEATHER AND BONE is plotting live actions in support of the new album, having confirmed sets at several festivals this year. The first up is Total Death Over Mexico City On April 1st Dead Congregation, Ascended Dead, and more. June 1st will see the band at Northwest Terror Fest performing with Primitive Man, Gloam, Lago, and Mortiferum, and on June 15th OF FEATHER AND BONE will perform at Austin Terror Fest alongside Yob, 40 Watt Sun, Bell Witch, Pinkish Black, and more.

Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb at Mccormacks, Richmond Virgina

Hey it’s me Nikki Knight again with another show review. I know it’s been awhile but I will get you caught up on some of the best shows I have been at in the last few weeks. On Feb 1st 2018 I went to an awesome show with an eclectic array of artists. It was a night of debauchery and nakedness by the end of the night…well at least it was for me. I got a late start and Maximum Zero was half way done with their set. This wonderful band was all sexied up with red underwear as they played a punk songs with a funky dance melodies and with high energy. They were full of laughs and made us dance. They had great spirit and a beautiful mix of personality and vibe between the band mates. They played well together and put on a really good show during their set. Check out their Reverbnation for more information on them and give them a listen.
During intermission friends and I cooked down with already 4 shots and 4 whisky and cokes. I heard the crowed rumbling with anticipation about the next band. “As yeah I’m ready for Pissing Contest..”this shits going to be sick”..murmured a very drunk friend. This got my juices flowing and got me ready to rage in the pit. The name alone got me curious on what may happen and what their sound was going to be like. I drunkenly marched up the MCCORMACKS stairs and almost died. At that point all I can hear is the cheers in the crowd and the shred of a guitar as they warm up a bit before they started playing. The crowd was stirring with anticipation.
They began and the crowd exploded. I couldn’t help but move as fast as I could though I was drunk and couldn’t breathe. The awesomeness big their thrash sound had me head banging and moshing. I moshed to the point of exhaustion and threw up in my thankfully empty cup. I drunkenly screamed and announced the ghastly occurrence and so did the band. I should of been embarrassed but the crowd and the band made me feel accomplished for some reason. Their sound was amazing. Their powerful vocals and strong sound from the band as a whole possessed the whole crowd in wonderment. They’re definitely a band to take note of and check out. Go to their bandcamp to listen to their songs. Follow them and if you have a chance to check out one of their shows please do.

Once Pissing Contest’s set finished I quickly ran to the nearest sink and washed out my cup before returning it to the bar and deeply apologized. We got ready for the next band. Enemy Exorcism was up next and I was ready. They are a great crossover punk band that had a fun sound that kept you moving and dancing. The lead vocalist had a wonderful voice and her sparkling personality was only second to her sparkly shirt. They had a sound that just made me wanna mosh dance and smile. I was really happy to see them and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun time.

Finally the headlining band hit the stage and things got wild. Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb is a proto-post revival punk band that had high energy and a shipload of power. Like a bomb they exploded on stage and the strong power of the lead singer made the whole venue quake. I moshed to the point my shirt was torn off and my pants were down. That could have been the alcohol but the music made me feel strong and let me leave my inhibitions behind. They did a really awesome set and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Please check out their band camp you will not regret it.

This was a really great night, to the point I still remembered it, after being blackout drunk. This was a Between 2 Beers show and like all their shows it was amazing. If you ever in RVA please come to Mccormacks or to a B2B show. You will not regret it. Like always please stay tuned for your underground music news.

JIRM – Surge Ex Monumentis (Small Stone Records)

Very rarely does a 12 minute song fulfill all the elements required to be a great piece of music. There has to be a clear path in which the song is taking you. It is very easy for instruments to get repetitive and for the vision to be lost. When i saw that this album was clocking in at almost 70 minutes, i thought it would be hard to find the “vision” that most bands aim for. I was gravely mistaken. I don’t want to say i went into this album with a negative attitude, i simply took the album length into consideration. For the most part, albums of this length are either amazing, or they are a jumbled mess that lost its perspective way before the halfway point of the album. The album “Surge Ex Monumentis” by the Swedish band JIRM is something I was not expecting at all. The instrumental work on the album is great, musically it is amazing.

Image may contain: shoes and cloud


The rhythm of the guitars and the drums lead into a groove that is brought together by the power metal type vocals. I don’t know how else to describe the vocal style. Great vocal range and a mix of high notes that are emphasized by the licks and fast tempo of the guitars. My favorite song on the album is “Tombs Arise”, It feels like a dark but exciting adventure that does not feel repetitive and it only gets more and more exciting as the tempo of the song gets higher and higher until the vocals peak which delivers a great solo and an amazing conclusion to the album.

There seems to be a lot of genuine emotion within the album that you can feel in the songwriting. It completely took me by surprise and i would love to see this band live. My only criticism with this album, would be that the vocals need to be pushed forward a little more. I would love to hear the screams and vocal range a little closer up. Other than that this is great album and i cant wait to see what this band does in the future. They nailed it in every aspect especially the guitar work and production of the overall record. 8.5/10


Author: Aldo Guzman

Xael – “Last Arbiter” (Test Your Metal Records)

The “Last Arbiter” by Xael is one of those albums you know you have heard before but not really sure where. Their influences are very prevalent, but that is not to be mistaken for a bad thing. They have mixture of deep vocal work, as well the imagery of their storytelling and skilled instrumental work, which lay out dark, brutal, and vivid imagery throughout the whole album. The concept of how the album was released is still fairly new to me, as the band chose to release 2 songs a month until the albums complete release, I think it is very important for bands to show the progress they are making to show supporting fans that they are a pivotal part in the music writing process. The opening track ” Apathy of the Immortal” is my favorite on the album. It truly has everything needed to make a great opener, as well as introduce new listeners to what the vision of what has happened to the sky ghost and his journey into the wastelands of Tymeer. It has great instrumental work, the drum work sets the pace for the timing of the melodic vocals, as well as the growls and epic solos.

Overall in this album, the melodic vocals and death growls compliment each other, which really emphasize the different parts of the story. The production on the album is something i did not expect. It really makes you feel as if you were listening to something that took place in space, in another galaxy, in another realm of death and brutality. The instrumental tracks are good mood setters during the album as they act as a display of great vocal work, and as part of the journey that you are taking through the vast wastelands of this land that is timer. The album has a lot of substance, as well as a desire to know what else is to come for the sky ghost. I am curious to see how the band Xael will follow this album as they set the bar pretty high with almost every aspect of the album. Would recommend if you ever want to take voyage to another reality beyond your mortal comprehension. 8.5/10


Author: Aldo Guzman

Accuser – “Mastery” (Metal Blade Records)

Accuser is a German thrash metal band that has been criminally underrated. Accuser deserves to be right up their with their fellow German thrash metal counterparts, Kreator and Destruction. Why this band isn’t as well known as those is a fucking crime! Don’t believe me? Well, go check out their other ELEVEN albums and you’ll understand. As much of their early sound is rooted in the speed/crossover/ thrash sound, this album ditches the first two and focuses completely on thrash.

The album’s first single “Mission Missile” sets the table for the thrash feast you’re about to consume. Neck whipping riffs and gruff vocals which fit the music beautifully. Crisp, clean, face punching production, whether it be the chugging of the song “Solace in Sorrow” or the pit starter “Into the Black”, you get everything and more. The albums closer, fittingly titled the name of the album, “The Mastery” is fitting here because they do let you know that they have mastered pure thrash metal!

Kudos goes to Metal Blade Records for putting out their last two albums! If you like Bay Area thrash mixed together with classic German thrash (I mean who wouldn’t!), do yourself a favor and check out Accuser’s new album “The Mastery”! You absolutely not be disappointed!


Author: John Adams

Coast To Coast: Sacramento, California To Richmond, Virginia

It’s me again, Nikki Knight your reviewer of all underground local music from both my home towns Sacramento CA and Richmond. When I’m not being sent to shows I like to go on my own and support my local bands just like I did back home in California. This time in my Coast to Coast review we will he discussing a hardcore power/memeviolence band and a slam band of apes that would slam you into oblivion.

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The aggression and the high voltage energy of Grindcore and Power violence, Slam Metal has been a big part of what attracts me to go see shows. D Beat blasts, and thrashy crowd killing riffs and all the different mixes punk and metal and thrash an in a fascinating way. Yes both are similar and both are different but in all the same the pits kick your ass! Well this time I’m here to bring you the best from Sac and RVA

Now these kids are very dear to my heart. When I first started booking shows, I was in awe of their filthy and offensive lyrics, their extreme, aggressive sound and the sheer insanity, they bring to any show they are on, made me proud to be their punk Mama. Alcoholic Sex Detonation. They are memeviolence and powerviolence and they are fucked up. They induce a riot like pit, that hurdles people into walls, and have people laughing due to the silliness and the depravity in their song titles and jokes. Their Lyrics are pretty messed up to but in just the right way. Their sound is amazing! Perfect vocals awesome riffs, and killer drums that may or may not split you in two. Their album It’s Not Rape If It’s Dead is one of my all time favorites. Not only do they have a great sound, but they have hilarious sound bites and skits, that can make you shit yourself if your not prepared. unfortunately they have been on hiatus. Still check out their facebook page and bandcamp so you can experience the awesomeness of ASD.

Now in RVA, we have an outbreak of killer apes that love to SLAM. BananaSlama is a band of 4 apes that somehow possess the power of slam metal. Their hardcore slam sound, crushes you as these apes scream, growl and make monkey noise. They speak English but sing in Simeon, but the music is killer, the monkey vocals are powerful and funny at the same time. You should not miss a live show, because they tear it up more than King Kong tears up a city.

Please checkout their Facebook page here and like, share and comment on this article and tell us who we should review next as I take both of my lovely cities ,Sacramento CA and Richmond VA, and expose them to music from both coasts. Please continue reading for more hardcore music news reviews and updates

Corrosion of Conformity – “No Cross No Crown” (Nuclear Blast)

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No Cross No Crown is Corrosion of Conformity’s tenth studio album, and the first with singer/guitarist Pepper Keenan since 2005’s In The Arms of God, and man is it good to see and hear Pepper back doing his thing.  I’ll admit that C.O.C. is one of my all time favorite bands, whether it be their hardcore punk albums to the southern “sludge” metal titans they are today.  No Cross No Crown has all the elements that one would expect from today’s C.O.C. lineup, and it’s just too bad this album wasn’t released until after Xmas because this is a gift for us all.  Aside from the cover art, which could’ve been so much better, this album kicks ass from start to finish.
C.O.C fires on all cylinders on this album.  No Cross No Crown, has all the elements, that made both Deliverance and Wiseblood kickass albums. I mean how can you go wrong with the trio of Woody Weatherman (guitar), Reed Mullin (drums) and Mike Dean (bass)?  These guys go together like a 12 pack and a couple of joints on a Friday night.   As great as that trio is, with Pepper Keenan (guitar/vocals), it just takes C.O.C. to a whole different level.
The very first song you hear is the acoustic interlude “Novus Deus”, which roughly translates to new god. The song/album begins with someone taking a deep breathe, which is fitting, because this album doesn’t let up beginning to end.  With the exception of a couple signature C.O.C. acoustic breaks, this is an album that takes you through what C.O.C does best. Riffs. Riffs and more riffs. Pepper’s vocals sound great on this album, and so does the entire band.
 Each song has a direction and doesn’t fuck around  Except for the four acoustic interludes, this album is “southern” metal at its finest.  It really sounds like they met up on a hot southern day and just started jamming..But in a really good way. “The Luddite” is a great album opener with aggressive vocals which leads into the albums first single “Cast the First Stone”.  This is a great song that incorporates everything C.O.C. does best.  Riffs, vocals, drum ,bass.  You want it? Well you’ve got it on this song.
The acoustic break after “Cast the First Stone”. “No Cross” of course is slow, but a different kind of slow.  The kind of slow that sounds like some is taking that long walk to the gallows kind of slow.  Its a good way to showcase the riffs that are about to come your way.  “Wolf Named Crow” just kicks your ass from start to finish. I could list every song, but it would get redundant. Like driving to the gas station. You know where you’re going and why you’re going there, but you need it!  This album is life’s gas .Fill up and press the pedal to the floor! This album is a huge reminder that C.O.C. is back in all their “southern” sludge, doom, heavy, and face punching glory.
01 – “Novus Deus
02 – “The Luddite
03 – “Cast The First Stone
04 – “1. No Cross
05 – “Wolf Named Crow
06 – “Little Man
07 – “Matre’s Diem
08 – “Forgive Me
09 – “Nothing Left To Say
10 – “Sacred Isolation
11 – “Old Disaster
12 – “E.L.M.
13 – “2. No Cross No Crown
14 – “A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void)
15 – “Son And Daughter


Author: John Adams