An Evening With The Faceless and Aethere – Live Photo Review

The Faceless and Aethere @ The Phoenix Theater…courtesy of Jason Ingram


Petaluma, California



Scumdogs of the universe and lords of chaos Gwar, attacked the stage at a sold Ace of Spades with an unbridled fury. Bringing the The Blood of Gods Tour, to a standing or squirming room only crowd, in downtown Sacramento, we were all in for a treat as they pummeled us with “War On Gwar”, the first track off the new record and closing the night out with their cover of the AC/DC classic “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It”


NE OBLIVISCARIS – “Urn” (Season of Mist)

Founded in the Australian coastal city of Melbourne, Ne Obliviscaris took the inspiration for their name from the proud motto of Argyll, Scotland’s Clan Campbell which means “forget not”. From the start, this collective of exceptional musicians made it clear that they did not intend to follow any trends or walk on well-trodden paths.

Ne Obliviscaris had just released a new album in October, “Urn” via Season of the Mist. I gave it a listen and I found it quite interesting. I have never heard of this band before so I was heavily interested in checking it out. Formed in 2003, Ne Obliviscaris (pronounced; Nay Ob-li-vis-kar-is) hit the live scene February, 2006 to widespread critical acclaim throughout Australia with many hailing their unique sound, intense live shows and talented line-up.

This melodic metal band from Australia has some good points. I liked the industrial vibe of mixing the light and the dark. It felt like Placebo meets Abbath in a kind of way. It gave me the feeling of Frankenstein and his monster created a metal band. The clean singer and violinist ,Tim Charles, gives a heavenly peaceful sound in contrast to the chaotic demon like growls of Xenyor. I must say some of the songs fell flat in conveying the emotions of the heavier parts but it still painted beautiful dark pictures in my mind. The album opener “Libera (Part 1) – Saturnine Spheres” and third track “Intra Venis” are two of my faves off this record.

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I found it very interesting the way the violin, heavy guitar and drums blended together to give it a dark Victorian feel. The contrast between the singers sold it for me I just wish Xenyor pulled more emotion into his powerful voice instead of at time’s falling flat. They both are very talented and I will be checking out their previous albums because now I want to catch up and be prepared for what they will have next. If you haven’t checked out their album please do. I am quite sure you will find it interesting and it will draw you in with its hypnotically vibrant sound and dark tone. Please keep following Capital Chaos TV and I for your music news and reviews. please check out my next Coast to Coast review where I bring you the best from Sacramento and Richmond VA, two of my home towns.

Check out Ne Obliviscaris, on the remaining dates of their tour with Allegaeon and grab a copy of their new album, online here or at a record store near you.

28 – New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa
29 – Ft. Worth, TX – Rail Club
30 – Houston, TX – Acadia Live

1 – Austin, TX – Come & Take It Live
3 – Phoenix, AZ – Club Red
4 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room


Author: Nikki Knight

Exhumed “Death Revenge” in Richmond, Virginia – Live Show Review

Hey there, it’s Nikki Knight bringing you once again, a review of another awesome Metal show! This time it is Gore Metal God’s Exhumed with Arkaik, Disintegrated & Loud Night at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia. Allow me walk you through my awesome night full of metal, moshing and mayhem.

First to hit the stage was Loud Night, and yes they were indeed loud and awesome. The guitar riffs and bass were amazing. The drummer pounded the drums as if to pound away flesh. The music was great and high energy. The vocalist had a powerful voice and took control of the crowd. He made us laugh in between songs. This was a definite good choice to have them open this show

After a smoke break, and a little praying to the booze God’s that someone offers to buy my broke ass a beer (successful), Disintegrated came on to the stage. This is an awesome grindcore band. The fast rhythm of the drums, pummeling your face, took off with the excellent riffs of the guitar and bass. The lead singers vocals were deep and guttural. The power in his voice, vibrated through out the whole crowd. They didn’t take too long, in between songs to get started on the next one. It was like rapid attack of mosh worthy grindcore metal. I truly enjoyed their set.

Next up was Riverside, California’s Arkaik. They have a new album “Nemethia” that came out on Unique Leader Records in September. Definitely check them out because they are not ones to miss. The technicality of the guitarists riffs, were amazing and so fast you can hardly see their fingers. The crowd ate them up and so did I. The vocalist had very strong and powerful range. He kept checking in on the audience maintaining our full focus. He introduced a few new songs, and I will be honest I am interested in this new album and I haven’t even heard the first ones. This show has made me a fan.

Now for the part we had been waiting for, Exhumed. On this tour they are introducing their 6th album on Relapse Records, “Death Revenge”, which is a concept album, that takes place in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland and tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders where the victims’ cadavers were sold to anatomists, amid a grisly underground trade of grave-robbery. The show opens up with the eerie “Death Revenge Overture”, red lights and low billowing fog setting the tone. A masked mad scientist, comes out on stage to get the crowd ready, as the band is getting together on stage. Matt Harvey brings the songs to life with his voice and creates a feeling of chaotic wonderment. The band works well together bouncing off each others energy. The sound of the guitars bass and drums, along with the vocals create a fun filled environment. The mosh pits were rolling as a drunk girl, hops up on stage, partying it up, as the band continues to play and we’re quite patient with her as security helped her off the stage. I helped keep her busy moshing, with having her almost knock me over.

Then the masked man came back with a chainsaw wielding it through the crowd as everyone cheered. He then put some sort of electric helmet on the guitarist ,and electrocuted him as he played a solo riff, and came back to life, with the masked man handing him a beer, because of course beer helps heal that sort of thing. As the set progressed, more people started to move around and mosh, people were so in awe, a very memorable new friend screamed “I would suck dick for this band!”. Near the end of the set, the masked man pulls out this coffin, and opens it up revealing a dead body. He takes the head and sprays the front row with blood. After the last song people kept clamoring for more so they did two encore songs. I did not want this show to end. Be on the look out for tour dates near you, and definitely check out their new release, “Deaths Revenge” currently availble at all of your favourite music outlets.

Image may contain: 4 peopleCheck out Exhumed, on the remaining dates of this tour, with Arkaik and grab a copy of their new album, online here or at a record store near you.
11/27/2017 Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
11/28/2017 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
11/29/2017 Sonia’s – Boston, MA
11/30/2017 Fuzebox – Albany, NY
12/01/2017 Buzzbin – Canton, OH
12/02/2017 Pike Room – Detroit, MI
12/03/2017 Northside Yacht – Cincinnati, OH
12/04/2017 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
12/05/2017 Reggies – Chicago, IL
12/06/2017 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
12/07/2017 Vaudeville Mews -Des Moines, IA
12/08/2017 89th Street – Oklahoma City, OK

Set list….Death Revenge Overture, Defenders of the Grave, Lifeless, Decrepit Crescendo, Casketkrusher, Torso, Limb from Limb, Dead End, Night Work, Waxwork, Unspeakable, Distorted and Twisted to Form, Coins Upon the Eyes, As Hammer to Anvil, Open the Abscess

I’m here to let you know the happenings in the hardcore metal and punk scene from Sac to RVA. I hope you enjoy this article there is so much more to come. Please support your local scene and touring bands. Keep watching videos and stay up to date on articles for all your music needs here at Capital Chaos TV.

MORBID ANGEL – “Kingdoms Disdained” (Silver Lining Music)

Anybody remember Illud Divinum Insanus? The total departure of Morbid Angel’s genre defining sound that set the blue print for countless death metal bands to follow. Well throw that shit out of the window, because Morbid Angel is BACK! Not just back for putting out another album, but back to remind everyone that they are kings of death metal. Kingdoms Disdained is an album that from the first tack, “Piles Of Little Arms”, that just kicks you’re ass in the best way a death metal album can. With the departure of David Vincent doing his Outlaw Country thing, Steve Tucker is right back where he belongs. His vocals sound great on this album and it’s good to hear him back in the fold.

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As much as it is refreshing to hear Steve Tucker growl his way through this album, it’s even better to hear Trey Azagthoth do what he does best, which is come up with insane riffs that is like putting on an old jacket that you’ve missed for so long. Scott Fuller on drums does a good job trying to replace the shoes that can never be replaced with the departure of Pete Sandoval. This album screams redemtion, and we love it!

From the blistering album opener “Piles Of Little Arms”, to the closer “The Fall of Idols”, this album truly is a great Morbid Angel album. Some standout tracks are “Fear No Master”, “Piles Of Little Arms”, and “From The Hands Of Kings”. The only filler, or weak song on this album, is “Garden Of Disdain”, which to me has a liittle to much of a hardcore vibe to it. Other than that singular stand alone track, this truly is a return form for the Tampa Bay death legends. Songs such as, “Declaring New Law”, to “The Pillars Crumbling”, there is something there for die-hard Morbid Angel fans who lost “faith” in the band with the release of their last album. So throw out Illud Divinum Insanus” and grab ahold of “Kingdoms Disdain” and let yourself go to the good ole days when Morbid Angel were the trendsetters of this often overlooked genre. Welcome back Morbid Angel, about fucking time!!!!!!


Author: John Adams

Coast To Coast: Sacramento, California To Richmond, Virginia

It’s me Nikki Knight, here again to review some bands for Capital Chaos TV. With Spewline Productions, I have had the opportunity, to meet some really great people and bands. I started in Sacramento, California and now I’m here in Richmond Virginia. I have had the opportunity to check out both scenes, so I decided I will start letting both coasts know about up and coming artists from both scenes.

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Sacramento is home to many different kinds of music, and punk is huge in the scene. Killer Couture is a great electronic punk band, with a heavy industrial sound and true hardcore vocals and energy. Front man Seth Draven brings high energy and powerful vocals, set to the sound of synthesizers, with Captain Hook laying down on various pieces of metal, creating the chaotic ambiance that makes you want to dance and mosh. Killer Couture has been playing a lot of shows and had one recently with Cory Feldman & The Angels . I watched them grow, as I booked them with Spewline Productions and I am a very proud punk mama. Check out their band camp here of you haven’t heard of them yet. Don’t Miss out!!

Richmond Virginia, like Sacramento has a huge and diverse local music scene, along with a giant art community. Home of Gwar and poet Edgar Allan Poe, the influences you can find are never ending. A few days ago I lucked out and got to see a Toxic Moxie show. They call themselves disco punk and they are awesome as fuck! They have a feel that makes me think of a mixture of TSOL and Bikini Kill. Their vocalist, Sera Stavroula, has a super strong voice and she commands the stage with it. Harley Kordella on synthesizer/bass keeps the melody flowing and had me enchanted the whole entire time. Justin Shear on guitar shredded beautifully as Danny Crawford kept the beat. It was high energy and very engaging. There was not a dull moment. Keep an eye on these guys! Check out their website here page.

From coast to coast and from my old home town to the new; I bring you Awesome bands to put on your gotta see list and gotta playlist. We gotta support our local artists and local scene. Keep reading, there is more to come, when I introduce you next, to more of my favorites.

PILE OF PRIESTS – “Tenebrous Labyrinth” (Unsigned)

Tenebrous Labyrinth, the latest EP from Denver CO, Pile of Priests starts off with a four count on the snare (thank you Death is Your Saviour by Kreator!) followed by a quick frenzy of a kick-lead blast beat section featuring a unique guitar riff that almost sounds to be floating in a storm with a higher-pitched note progression. The title track is a good indicator of what the listener is in store for with Tenebrous Labyrinth. Varying feels within the metal genre spectrum, tight playing from all three musicians, interesting musical choices that flow throughout each of the song structures, good production, and killer vocals.

The bass provided by Patrick Leyn, my second favorite produced element in the mix is keeping the low-end working well by gluing the guitar riffs in a lower octave and supporting the heaviness vibe providing the overall feel of many of the sections. The bass tone cuts through the mix quite well, and when the band cuts out for moments for bass breaks it puts a smile on my face. It’s always a plus for me when I hear a metal band not afraid to feature their bassist, because they are an integral part of any band and when done right can provide another deep level of tonal phrasings, harmonies, and the thickness every band requires to get the full spectrum of sounds.

Drumming-wise, Evan Knight’s playing is very tight and features phrasings that compliment what the guitars and bass are playing melodically by providing the groove and feel for the many different sections of each song. There are choices made on the drums that provide interesting variations to the main feels that aren’t always in the fills between different sections of the songs that help keep the listener engaged throughout the entirety of each track.

The guitar parts provide the necessary metal stamp for each song but don’t stop there. To simply put the guitars as a genre identifier would do injustice to metal’s main instrument (generally speaking). Evan Salvador is playing kickass riffs while making some sick chord progressions and melodies (Interglacial Departure I’m thinking of!). I love the outro to that song with the counter of the earlier heaviness lying in the lower dynamics, clean tone guitars and meditative vibe.

The delivery of the vocal lines, again by Evan Salvador, stand out as the EP’s best produced element. They are providing the low gruff tone of many death metal vocalists but at the same time with a slightly closer listen, the words can be understood! This is a huge plus for me when you can actually hear the words of a singer and the lyrics make sense from a storytelling point of view. Good tone with these as well, the layered harmonies on some of the lines brings back some Deicide style vocal moments for me.

Overall, check out Tenebrous Labyrinth from Pile of Priests due out on November 24th 2017 because it kicks ass all around!…….


Author: Derek Bean