Interview with Atreyu at Ace Of Spades

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know who Atreyu is. Voted #4 best album of 2015 by OC Weekly, 6 albums, and shows all over the world. These guys have been kicking ass for over 15 years and the anticipation was present for their Christmas Vacation Tour with Falling In Reverse, From Ashes to New and Assuming We Survive. What happened over the course of 12 hours in Sacramento was a day for the books.
When I was told the interview was confirmed for Friday night at Ace of Spades, I was utterly excited. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Brandon at Aftershock last year, and I was in high hopes of another awesome conversation. Questions prepared, outfit picked out, and the day was off to a start. Headed to work at Bonehead Tattoos & Piercing downtown, listening to the new album Long Live that was released Sept of this year. Only this work day would be different, as Alex Varkatzas, lead vox, would be guest tattooing. Upon greeting him and hanging throughout the day, I came to the solid conclusion that not only is dude a completely talented artist, but he’s a really cool cat. We had fun, and the fact that his presence was a secret made it even more exciting. As show time neared, my anxiety grew. Wondering is everyone in Atreyu as down to earth as Alex and Brandon? And the answer to that question is a very loud YES.
As soon as I arrived at Ace I was greeted by the tour manager Reid. Escorted onto the tour bus and introduced to Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel who I would be chatting with. The atmosphere chill, the mood light. And so it begins.

Amb Pirate: Long Live is awesome. What songs from the new album will you be playing on this tour?

Dan: Long Live, pretty much ones we’ve made videos for.

Travis: A Bitter Broken Memory

Dan: Do You Know Who You Are?

And is there any personal favorites you’re playing on this tour, any songs that speak to you?

Dan: A Bitter Broken Memory is pretty cool, it’s fun to play. It’s got a good energy to it. The vibes really cool and there’s a big dual lead part in the middle that’s pretty epic that me and Travis get to treat ourselves too.

Travis: I like Long Live. Just for the sole fact that it’s fun to play.

Considering you’ve been playing since 1999, and have fans following you for more than 15 years, how does that feel? And where do you see yourselves in 15 more years?

Dan: Crawling around the stage, dribbling all over ourselves.

Travis: Wearing depends.

Dan: Except that’s what we do now. So it’s gonna be the same basically 15 years from now. A lot of dribbling and leaking ourselves.

Do you have any fans that you keep in touch with since day freaking one?

Dan: A little bit here and there.

Travis: There’s definitely familiar faces that have been around for years.

Dan: A lot of our friends. Those were kind of our first fans, our friends.

Speaking of friends, Sacramento clearly loves you. Is there any place in town that you’ve found that you like here that maybe you would recommend to a touring band?

Dan: We went to sushi a couple of times. Can’t remember the name of the place though.

Travis: I did have my think it was my 25th or 26th birthday in Sacramento. But that’s bout all I can tell you, cause I don’t remember much else. (Laughter) There was cake. A then it got eaten. And then it ended up everywhere. I have a lot of fond memories of Sacramento.

What has this tour been like? With Falling In Reverse, From Ashes to Now and Assuming We Survive?

Travis: It’s been a good mix of bands. Cause each band is completely different from the others. We’ve always liked doing tours like this, cause we gain more fans doing that; kind of broadening our horizons as well as the audience because there’s a lot of kids out in the audience probably don’t know who we are. Maybe heard of us but have no idea what we sound like or what we do on stage. So that’s a definite benefit.

Dan: Its fun. It’s a very eclectic crowd cause it’s a very eclectic group of bands. And for us and as well as the people who come to the shows it gives all these people to learn about new bands that probably wouldn’t normally go out and see if it was just that genre of music or whatever. Us in particular, were the heaviest band on the bill. So we get to kinda shine in that right. Everybody else has their own thing to ring to the table but we get to bring that extra bit of energy which is kinda of our thing. Gives us an extra platform to stand on.

What are your plans for Christmas? Will you be able to take it off and be with your families?

Travis: I got a lot of shopping to do. (Laughter)

Besides shopping, what else do you have planned?

Travis: Not much, just hanging around. The Holidays around my family are pretty low key. No big hoopla or anything. Meet up, hang out for a while, exchange gifts. That’s about it.

Dan: Kinda little big family stuff. A few of us get together. Do the whole she bang. Not too many young kids around at this point in time, so it’s more of an adult hangout.

Does that put pressure on you?

Dan: More so just to get people gifts. (Laughter)

Dan: I’m not married yet. My girlfriends pretty young. I have some time.

What does Atreyu have planned for 2016?

Dan: Touring even more. A bunch of tentative stuff lined up. Starting Feb were gonna do some sort of headliner, hitting a bunch of markets that we haven’t really gotten to it. Down south. From there some international stuff. Might be doing some warped tour, a little bit of it. If there’s a date out here we’ll probably be there.

Did you guys do Aftershock this year? I know we saw you in 2014.

Dan: No not this year, Brandon’s other band Hell or Highwater played this year

Do you have anything else you would like to say to anyone who will read this article?

Travis: Thank you. (Drops the mic}.

I had a prime spot to watch the show, and there are so many words I could use to describe what Atreyu did to Sacramento. They left their mark, that is for damn sure. Alex came out to the crowd several times, letting fans sing into the mic. The interaction was there, the energy was there, and you could hear the chant of their songs from long time Atreyu lovers throughout the venue. Maybe they weren’t headlining, but they sure stole the show. Sacramento is grateful for artists like you, who not only rock but you roll with the people.
Pick up their newest album Long Live at Target, Best Buy, Amazon or online at

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