Perturbator releases new album, ‘The Uncanny Valley’ on Bandcamp

Perturbator’s highly anticipated new album, “The Uncanny Valley” along with its companion EP, “The Uncanny Valley – Bonus” is finally available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp.  In addition, both “The Uncanny Valley” and “The Uncanny Valley – Bonus” EP can be heard in their entirety on YouTube as well.  Physically, “The Uncanny Valley – Bonus” EP is only available as part of the special limited edition 3xLP and 2xCD sets available exclusively on

Previously, mastermind James “Perturbator” Kent hit us with an exceptional animated video for his second single “Sentient”.  Each scene was designed and animated pixel-by-pixel by director and animator Valenberg, hypnotizing viewers into Perturbator’s universe – one heavily influenced by the tropes of classic cyberpunk, horror, and science fiction. The sci-fi short film and song combine with sleek emotions and sensations akin to the arthouse thriller Drive, as well as Blade Runner, the films of Dario Argento, and the illustrations of Ariel Zucker-Brull (Perturbator’s visual artist).

The Uncanny Valley is out worldwide via Blood Music on May 6.  It will be released on vinyl, CD and digitally. A special edition release features 16 extra drawings, compiling a full graphic novel for the album; as well as an entire 7-track EP of bonus material – featuring three new tracks, two instrumental versions of tracks that originally contain vocals, one 8-bit version of a previously-released track, and an unreleased demo that didn’t make the final cut for The Uncanny Valley.

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